Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Happens Whenever…

we leave home. There must be something lacking in the water at home, I tell you, because BIG things change when we leave here.

There was the time we took a trip to Vermont a few weeks shy of Kiersten’s first birthday and she walked. (It might have had a little something to do with the fact 2 boxer dogs were running to and fro and if she didn’t get a move on she was going to get squished!)

Then there was the time we took a trip out of Colorado when Isaiah was just over 2 years old and lost his binks (a.k.a pacifier) at the hotel. He didn’t even know he was missing it. When we got home we did a quick search and threw away any remaining ones. Out of site out of mind, as they say. : )

When we were out and about in North Carolina before Katie turned one she took a few steps and was walking in no time once we returned home.

Zeke, not one to be left out, has followed suite after his siblings. We took a trip up North to see my Grandparents. Prior to leaving he had managed to take 2 steps in succession a time or two. Once we were there however he managed to get a grip on his sea legs and make some progress. He crossed rooms and was able to get himself up off the floor to standing without any aid from furniture or unsuspecting nearby legs.

He’s a champ. : )

You can see for yourself his unsteady, cowboy looking strut.

Zeke Walks from Jess on Vimeo.

This is the beginning of the end of all things baby in the house. (And I can cry if I want to!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

June was…

a bit crazy. There was the week long dance marathon. We had my mom’s, my dad’s and Katie’s birthday (Grandpa’s is in there too!). Then there was Father’s Day…to celebrate for 3 set’s of Dads’. A family birthday party for Katie. A joint birthday party for Katie and Ezekiel celebrated with a few more family members. We also wrapped up our school year and began swim lessons!

Oh, did I mention all this happened within a span of 14 or so days?

The month felt a bit like a whirl wind with me always 2 steps behind. A planner I am not. A good organized person? Not so much.

Needless to say from the aforementioned activities there was much cake consumption in the month of June (and early July).

As always we have a immediate family only celebration on the actual day of birth. This is usually when the homemade cake is enjoyed.


And how could you not let the littlest man have his own taste?


He was as quiet as a church mouse and busy as a bee. : ) What can I say? The frosting was killer!

We had another party a few days later celebrating with some additional family members and some friends for both Katie and Ezekiel’s birthday’s. Their birthday’s are just about 2 weeks apart and it is hard to get everyone together twice in that short of a time. So rather than have one left out we made a two-for-one party! : ) (Saved me a second sad attempt at getting the house picked up and clean. I still haven’t dusted!!!)


For the bigger party Katie picked out this cake. : ) What a nut.

We grabbed some cupcakes for Zeke and put a lone candle on it. One year old…(almost here)


Good times and a whirlwind of a month. My how the summer flies. I long for it to slow down a little sometimes, this time away from school, but it seems to go all the faster. Well, we will do our best to enjoy the time we have and not lament that things go all too fast! : )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wow! I never thought…

I’d live to see the day when I could say:

- that we had a caterpillar that escaped. He was on the tiny side but Kiersten really, really wanted to bring him home. We did. He must have watched some PBS special on famous jail break-outs or some such nonsense because that little bugger disappeared from the cage never to be seen again. We’re keeping our eyes peeled to find another friend.

-I laughed when one of my children thanked me for being mean to them!

Katie has been going through an especially ornery stage. She’ll say she would like something, be it a specific set of clothing to wear or a snack- that kind of thing, I’ll agree and then she’ll immediately yell she doesn’t want what she just said she did.

It is an exhausting and frustrating game to say the least.

Here is how it played out the other day.

“Mom, I want to wear my princess shirt and skirt.”

“Sure, no problem. I’ll just run up and get it.”

“No! I want to get it.”

“Katie, I’ll just run up quick and get it. We need to get going soon.” (She can’t go upstairs on her own just now because the gate is blocking the stairs.)

Up I went while she protested at the bottom of the stairs. When I got back downstairs with said clothing she picked out she threw a grandiose fit.

“Fine. You can go back up and pick what you want to wear but I am not helping you get dressed. You’ll have to do it on your own.”

I put her over the gate. Up she went and then came back down with clothes. I lifted her back over the gate and just reminded her, “You are on your own. I will not help you.” (She cannot get a shirt off over her head on her own.")

Well, Kiersten helped her. Once she was dressed she walked over to me where I was changing Zeke’s diaper. Looked me square in the eye and said, “Mom, thanks for being mean to me.”

Oh dear, how do giggles just work their way up and out without permission?

Needless to say said aggravation waned a little as it gave way to laughter.

I just never thought I’d live to see the day I would laugh when one of my kids would point blank tell me I am mean. I’m sure it had a bit to do with a lack of sarcasm and the earnest way it was delivered. Dang it all- the Lord surely has made that child cute for a very good reason!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Singing in the Rain

Alright, so they weren’t singing in the rain. They were playing in the rain.

We had a rare nice rain the other day. It was the straight down kind. No wind blowing and no lightening. The ideal Spring rain to go play in, if you are the type who is inclined to play in rain. (Me? Not so much. I’ve gotten to be an old fuddy duddy!)

The neighbor’s boys were outside and Kiersten made a comment to the effect they were lucky getting to play out in the rain. I simply told her if she wanted to play in the rain too, get out there. Oh, her face! The shock, disbelief…a display of emotions all of which said she wasn’t buying what I wasn’t even trying to sell.


‘You’re kidding!” she said. (This is a catch phrase for her. We hear it often.)

“Certainly not,” I replied. “If you want to go play out in the rain, go on out.”

“We need our swimsuits.” (She is seeing other neighbor kids join the fray and they have their swimsuits on.)

“Not necessary. Just head on outside and play in the rain.”


She, Isaiah and the Katie girl made their way outside to the front where a may lay of children had congregated and were enjoying themselves. There was dancing, puddle splashing, umbrellas (or as Katie says – gumbrellas) appearing and much chit chatting.


There was also this one watching from the inside. It isn’t all its cracked up to be being the youngest sometimes. Awk. His time will come. He just needs to wait his turn! : )


Friday, July 1, 2011

The Power Source

“Mom! Zeke unplugged the computer!”

(This is big going’s on since Isaiah loves to play his Jump Start World. Interrupting or rather disrupting his time? A big no, no.)

“K, I’m coming.”

“The cord is wrapped around his leg. He’s stuck.”

“He sure is.”

“Mom, the screen got all dark.”

“I know Honey, that’s because it isn’t plugged in to the power source.”

Well, well. There it is. You are walking a bit in the dark because you aren’t plugged in to THE power source. Uhmm hmmm. I hear it, Lord. Preach it to me.