Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow Day

We recently had a beautiful snow storm pass through. It left everything beautiful and white once also left some prime sledding conditions. :) Daddy was feeling tired, so while he and Katie rested Kiersten, Isaiah and I headed to a local school that has a great hill leading to their football field. It is the perfect place to take little ones sledding - especially for their first time! I know, I know it is a crime to not have gotten them out sooner.

We had a great time. The weather was decent, not too windy and the hill wasn't overly crowded so each time we walked up we went right back down. The kids went together, alone and on Mom's lap. Oh yes, we all fit on the sled even if I had charlie horses in my thighs from little hinders digging in! :)

I do have some Valentine/Birthday stuff to post - Kiersten's cards and such. I was just waiting until my Mom got her package so as not to spoil it for her :) We'll get that up tomorrow. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flotsam & Jetsam

I figured that title would be appropriate for the few topics I was going to write about tonight. :) The first thing I was going to mention was just being very thankful for this ladies study I am starting. A girlfriend of mine wanted to start up a Bible study for the ladies in her church, as there was none available. It took some finagling but it has come together and I am just really blessed to be a part of it. I was a little sad when I had to turn down Tuesday morning Bible study with the ladies at the church we attend. It was a struggle because I loved going, it kept me accountable to be in the Word (which I need during this season of my life) and I greatly appreciated my adult time. However, it made home schooling difficult. We just weren't able to get much done if anything school wise on Tuesdays and then would be playing catch up the rest of the week. Now for someone who is organized and prepares better than I do this probably wouldn't be a problem, but for me it had become stressful. So when this opportunity came along to do this study Sunday evenings I jumped at it. It is going to be good in more ways than I can describe. And it isn't the particular study that has me excited, it is the ladies and the fellowship. There is something different and refreshing about it this time around...I don't mean that the fellowship with the ladies at my church was unfulfilling or anything. I think the circumstances for how this study came to be, where these other ladies are coming from and how that changes how I am approaching study this time around add to the newness of it. I wish I could word it better... but I guess what I am trying to convey is just my thankfulness to Lord for providing a door to open for female fellowship when another one had closed.

In other news my mother-in-law started chemotherapy on Friday. She is aiming to complete 4 rounds, three weeks apart. She was feeling rather icky today- the nausea feeling where you wish you could just throw-up and get it over with already. Unfortunately throwing-up will do nothing to relieve her discomfort. We'll see how long her low valleys last and if she'll be able to handle it. She is a doer, I think I mentioned that before, and doesn't like being out of commission. It is hard in more ways than one. And this is just the beginning of her cancer treatment regimen. After the chemo she has 6 or so weeks of radiation followed by 5 years of hormone therapy (what she had referred to as taking a chemo pill). Please keep her in your prayers - it is Miss Janet.

My beloved uncle who had esophageal cancer is still recovering from some seriously major surgery to remove his cancer just before Christmas time. They have found him to be cancer free and even removed his port (where he would receive chemo) which is super encouraging because they see no need for it anymore! Praise God! :) His body does still need healing - you know the surgery was major when your loved one had to remain in intensive care for 3 days and the hospital for a little over a week beyond that before they'd send him home. It was no small thing. So if you could also pray for my favorite uncle (a running joke, since I am his favorite niece - albeit his only niece) to continue to have a healthy and steady recovery and to remain cancer free.

Lastly, I have one more prayer request. I am getting bold in my old age! :) I also want to ask for prayer for my mom. She needs one of two things to happen - her beloved to get a nice job stateside or for her to find a job stateside. She is just worn out from non-stop work in a war zone area overseas and it is taking its toll physically and emotionally. She has been at it for 4 1/2 years and it is time for her to be home- her hearts desire as well.

Alright, a long one filled with random thoughts and prayer requests so I'll let you go. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. And if there is anything I can be praying for you, please leave a note in the comments and I will consider it an honor to do so. My bed is screaming my name so I'll say goodnight and sweet dreams. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thirty Something

It is official, I am no longer 30 but a 30 something. :) Kiersten was really sweet when she came down this morning, for she knew it was my birthday. She was sad because she didn't have a card for me. She said Daddy had told they would make a card but they didn't and she couldn't tell me because he said it was a secret. She had tears in her eyes and everything (she is showing her tiredness and the day is just beginning). She made me feel extra special. So in light of her feelings we are breaking out the scrapbook paper, glue, scissors and crayons first thing. No waiting until after school time to do an art project. I'll post a picture later because her cards are something special - the attention to detail this girl has is precious.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet Feet

Kiersten and I received a fun gift last week from my mom. She sent us these cute matching pairs of socks. :) In my younger days it was rare to find me not sporting a fun pair of socks. It was my thing. My mom is still faithful to send a fun pair my way every now and again (which I appreciate). Only this time it wasn't just me getting fun socks, the KK girl did too. She thinks it is fun to match so we both put on our socks and took a picture of our matching feet decked out in Grandma's favorite color-purple. :) Thanks so much for the fun surprise Mom, we love them!

As a side note, we went grocery shopping today and picked up Isaiah's special ice cream..had mini M&M's in it (his most favorite candy). He gladly jumped on the toilet for me to make business before bed...and did it again! :) I know, I know don't get my hopes up too high but how can I not be excited and oh so hopeful?!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Much rejoicing :)

Oh how I rejoiced to see that my biggest man made some business in the toilet! It occurred to me the other night that I don't set him on the toilet to make his business... I just put the diaper on at nap time or bed time and expect to come back 10 minutes or so later to change his diaper. Sure he jumps on the toilet to make 'waters', as we call them, but that is it. So the past few nights he had to sit a little bit and I gave in to the tears and let him off fairly soon. Tonight, with no errands to run, I had him stay there over 30 minutes. We read some stories, he cried a little, he played with his little computer and I left him be. Sure enough he can and did do it! I was never more happy to dish out ice cream just before bedtime!!! :) We are on our way and I couldn't be more thankful. Here he is with evidence of his just reward. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Favorite Spot...

in the house is the shower. (This, of course, is excluding my bed.) :)It is soooo peaceful in there and it is a rarity that any children bother me while I am in there. And thus it becomes clear why this has become a place of solace. :) The kids leave me alone, now if I could just get my Beloved to as well. I have to train him a bit better.... like unless there is bleeding or someone just died it can wait until I get out, promise. Anyhow, I find that I tend to shower a little later in the day and by then I need a few minutes to myself. This provides the perfect escape and I come out of the bathroom feeling refreshed both physically and emotionally. A few minutes to myself, that is all I need but need it I do.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Sign of Things to Come?

I am not sure how, "Go upstairs and help your sister pick up your room, " translated to a little boy coming downstairs naked, laughing and running around my dinning room table. I will admit there was a little talk of taking baths, of course I meant later. It turns out now is better.... since we are already in naked town! :) If only that little laugh weren't so contagious.