Sunday, June 22, 2008

I lost the bet!

Miss Katie Lee joined our family Friday June 20th at 7:34pm, thus putting me on the losing end of the bet my beloved and I had about the sex of the baby. Oh well, it sure is a nice way to lose! :) Katie is just precious. She weighed 8lbs 11oz and is 19" long. She favors Isaiah more than Kiersten in looks. Though there are some traits- like the back and arm hair- I was hopping she would escape! :) Time will tell on that one.

Kiersten is absolutely thrilled to have a sister. When daddy showed her a picture the next morning she saw the umbilical cord and asked in a sad little voice if it was a boy. Dad quickly told her it was a girl and he said it was like the sun came out from behind the clouds. Her face just lit up! She has held Katie several times and tends to whisper when talking around her. She has mentioned on more than one occasion that Katie really likes her. It is sweet to watch Kiersten love on her. For a girl who has absolutely no interest in dolls, but prefers animal buddies, she is quite taken with her sister.
Now Isaiah on the other hand has no more than a passing curiosity about Katie. She's the baby but that is about it. It is funny to watch his reaction and remember Kiersten's when he arrived on the scene. He acts just like she did, although I fear he will cry more in the coming days than she ever did once he was home. That's what I get for a mama's boy :)

Well, I need to run. I'll do my best to get some more pictures of the 3 kids' up soon and keep everyone updated. Thanks for all the prayers' for a good delivery and a healthy baby!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

There is something wrong with me....

A few months ago another mom mentioned her job with an on-line tutoring company. I was curious because I had been thinking on ways to use my degree but not be gone from the house for extended periods of time. Just something to keep the mind busy and bring in a few extra dollars :) Well, it took a few months to get all squared away, but we're in. When the summer hit the amount of hours available decreased considerably and for a few weeks I couldn't get any. So this week some hours were available - at most unholy hours mind you, but I bit the bullet and signed up for 4-5am Tues-Sat. What was I thinking???!!! For $5.50/hr?!!! Seriously, this baby most be making me unstable upstairs. I'll not be doing that again! My poor kids' and their crabby mama who is walking around with eyes that are only half open. Oh well, we live and learn.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop!!!

Happy Birthday & Happy Father's Day Pop! We love you and miss you muchly and hope you had a most wonderful day. The kids' wanted to sing happy birthday, although, they couldn't quite decide whose birthday it was while singing! :) You'll see. Hope this brightens up your day.

Lots of love
Kiersten & Isaiah

Worn out

This is Isaiah after our trip to pick-up pictures. We didn't get home in time to do a nap and just about dinner time Kiersten asks me where he went to. All I saw were little feet and a hinder and I knew right away he had fallen asleep on the floor while playing. :) It took him a bit to wake up- he had that blank stare for at least a half hour. Aren't they the sweetest when they're sleeping?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Still Baking...

Well, baby is still baking and showing no signs of coming soon. Dr. L. will be on call this weekend and then after that she is on vacation until the 24th. We have a deal. I either go this weekend, Lord willing, of course, or I cross my legs and wait until Dr. L. comes back! :) I know, try telling that to the baby right. I am completely at the mercy of someone else. Oh well. The Lord has been so faithful to me and I had my doctor on call with both the other two. So we'll just trust He'll do it again.

In other news the kids' and I went to pick-up their pictures. We had a few other errands to do and since we are out and about we stopped at a play land and had lunch. They always enjoy this and since it has been raining a lot lately it was good to get some of that pent up energy out. Here are some more pictures of double-my-trouble :) Have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Grandma we just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you on your birthday and wish you the bestest of days. We love you muchly and miss you more. We know we can't be with you to celebrate but we hope this brightens up your day. :)

Hugs, Kisses & lots of LOVE- Kiersten & Isaiah

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Please explain

This subject makes me laugh because Miss M is complaining about her dog peeing on her floor and I have Isaiah! Someone needs to explain the finer art of potty training to me because I am obviously missing something. For the most part Isaiah does o.k. so long as I am faithful to put him on the toilet every hour or so. He is still too busy to stop and go to the bathroom before it happens. He'll strip down and run to the toilet after he is already wet- which isn't helping me much. Except for the fact that the scene of the crime is then easily found and cleaned up.

Anyhow, day before yesterday, while wearing big boy underwear, he managed to pee on the floor 3 times, his bed once and poop. So you might be asking yourself did I put him on the toilet often enough? Before one of the accidents we had been to the toilet and he had gone potty not 5 minutes prior. Needless to say the next day had to be a diaper day. I just took it off and on as we went to the toilet. No accidents all day. What am I missing?! I thought it would get better with time but that boy can sure try a girl's patience and sanity. Any advice?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Two peas in a pod....

We have been a little negligent in getting pictures taken of the kids'. Here is double trouble from their recent photo shoot. KK girl did a wonderful job listening, although she kept using her silly smile. Meanwhile the biggest man just wasn't all that cooperative. Luckily a picture or two of each of them turned out as well as a cute one of the two of them together. We'll just have to take Isaiah more in the hopes his behavior and listening skills improve! The memories from pictures is always so sweet and regardless of the hassle I am always thankful for them. :)