Thursday, March 29, 2012

Handmade with Love

Kiersten has taken up making some gifts by hand and of course with love. Embroidery, with all its colors and fun patterns has made an impression. We stumbled upon embroidery by accident, really. The art book we were doing had a lesson where they talked about embroidery and then had the kids made a drawing of what they might embroider. I guess that just didn't really compute with me. Draw an embroidery idea? Why not just embroider for real? While I knew this probably wasn't super practical for Isaiah, I didn't see any reason Kiersten couldn't give it a go.

With embroidery on the mind I went to the best free resource a girl has- the library. We found some real gems in the way of books to get us started. One of them was this book -

Embroidery for Little Miss Crafty: Projects and Patterns to Create and Embellish (Little Miss Crafty Series)

There were really cute ideas and patterns. We just needed something to get us started. Kiersten chose a sampler type project.


There were a few different types of stitches used; satin stitching, french knots, stem stitching as well as back stitching were involved. The backstitch stitch is Kiersten's favorite. She did a really wonderful job. The sky is the limit now.

The other book she really likes is this one:
Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection: 400+ Easy Embroidery Designs

There is a CD inside to print off the patterns/designs. This particular gal uses some really eye catching colors which completely appealed to my girl.. I'll have to add a picture another time of the under the sea bag Kiersten made for her cousin.(We gave it away before getting a picture of it.) All the patterns and color ideas came from this book and it turned out really lovely.

After the sampler Kiersten decided to get a set of 3 plain bags in order to embroider them and then give them away. The under the sea bag was one gift and then Kiersten made this bag for another birthday gift.


I gave her a little help adding the fabric on. We got the 'pattern' by tracing the cover picture of a sticker book the girls had. Kiersten was pleased with how it turned out. : ) Next she is on to making a bag for herself. You'll have to tune back in to see the finished product!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Something New


Oh dear. I fear we have entered a new phase in parenting we were blessed to have avoided this long. This past weekend while we were visiting my in-laws Zeke took a fall. I didn’t witness the actual tumble, just its aftermath. We can only surmise that our littlest man fell and hit the edge of the coffee table.

He had a small gash on his lip but it was a bit wide. I will say that is the most I have ever seen one of my children bleed! My mother-in-law saw the cut and felt he would definitely need stitches. No one has had to have them thus far so I was clueless. We went to the walk-in clinic near their house and being a Saturday, it was rather hoppin’. To my surprise we were checked-in and then a medical assistant came out and said they would prefer we went elsewhere! Another first, being turned away from a clinic before the doctor even sees you. The doctor said they would rather we went to the emergency room to have him looked at.

I have to tell you that at this point I am wondering if this cut is serious enough to warrant stitches or action of any kind. Zeke was all smiles, had eaten some food, was running around smiling and his cut had stopped bleeding. I will saw it wasn’t scabbing over or showing any sign of starting to scab.

Anyhow, we went to the nearest children’s hospital. When the triage nurse was looking him over I had to ask her if this kind of trip to the emergency room was really necessary for his cut. She assured me it was…because his little gash had gone over the line of his skin onto his actual lip area.

To make this long enough story come to an end I’ll tell you the little guy received three stitches. He was such a champ through the entire day. It was close to 5 hours after he actually fell that the stitches were put in. In all that time he was a gem. We laughed and played and snuggled. The tears and wails were only heard the first 10 minutes after the fall and the last 10 minutes when they were stitching him up.


This parenting deal leaves no room for dull moments, does it?

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Star (or two) is Born

Kiersten and Isaiah were asked to help the kids pastor at our church out. I have to say I had to beg and plead with them. (Oh, please. It was almost comical trying to figure out who asked who to do this project. The kids were that excited.) You see Mr. J wanted the kids to take part in an espidsode for Orange TV.

This past summer Orange TV was birthed and has become something my kids look forward to. It is a way of further connecting Sunday morning lessons to home. Even with the wider range of ages in the kids - the 9 year old down to the 1 year old- all get a kick out watching what Mr. J puts together.

Anyhow, Mr. J called and asked if Kiersten and Isaiah would come in and film with him. He wanted to put together a quick tutorial for how to find verses in your Bible. Mr. J later confessed that due to Kiersten's animated facial expressions (which he had observed and taken note of on Sunday mornings) he thought she would make a great co-host. (She clearly lived up to his expectations in this department- you'll see what I mean. : )) And even though Isaiah didn't get to be on camera he had a blast being there while they taped and adding his voice to part of the show.

Dare I say a star (or two) has been born? You'll have to take a peek and cast your vote!