Monday, June 16, 2014

She’s done it!


My Katie girl has joined the olders in a milestone this past week. She has learned to ride a bike without the training wheels. I will admit she didn't choose to undertake this adventure of her own freewill. I kinda forced her. I can be a mean mom like that.

This bike is on kid #3 and the plastic training wheels have taken quite a beating. Katie was leaning so far over to compensate for how off her training wheels were. It just didn’t make sense to let her continue on learning to lean so far off center when we could take them off and let ‘er go. : )

Katie sets a high standard for herself and was frustrated after 20 minutes of her first attempt that she hadn’t conquered it yet. (She has a competitive streak that serves her well.) I made her a promise that within 7 days she would be riding unassisted and like a pro- I am a woman of my word. : )

Since learning to go on her own she takes almost every opportunity to head out to driveway and ‘practice’. You can see from the smile she shows at the end of the video (pure Katie) that she is quite satisfied with herself, as she should be!


No Training Wheels for #3! from Jess on Vimeo.