Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Cute

A little over a month ago my Mom and her Beloved came to visit us. When she comes the older two tend to spend a few nights away with Grandpa and Grandma at the hotel. Thus the younger two get some quality time together. : )

 Here are a few shots of them hanging out ....

(Can you tell she had been saying, "CHEESE!" in that picture above?)

Aren't they just two cute? Yeah, I think so too. : )

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Recently the kids and I were out at the local YMCA for family night. We were getting our coats off and hung up when a little guy, had to be between 1 and 2 years old, saunters up and stares, as only a kid can get away with doing. He was eyeing up the Katie girl and she was giving him her minx of a hello with head tilt and wave. The child was spellbound, I tell you. : )

The funny part, though, is this little boy’s dad came up and I remarked to him that his little guy was quite the handsome little fellow. He replied, “He gets that from me.” All the while he was wearing a grin on his face.

I burst out laughing and could only manage, “Well played! Very well played.”

Amusing thing #2.

Kiersten was doing some drawings on the doodle pad thing, the magnetic pen deal with the swipe clean lever on the bottom. Anyhow Katie asked her to draw a monster. And as a good sister Kiersten drew her a nice looking monster.

Katie proudly went to show my Beloved. “Look Daddy,” she says, “a picture of a monster!”

He replied back, “Oh, a self portrait, eh?"

I don’t know, you might have had to be there for that one. My Beloved and I got a good chuckle out of it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

While Mother is Away the Children Will...


and draw

and draw some more!

I was giving baths to the younger two and to my delight I came back down to some really nice pictures.

Kiersten is a big influence on Isaiah. Art and drawing just aren't really his thing. He doesn't tend to do art things unprompted. Kiersten however loves all things art. She is the one getting scolded during school time to, "Quit drawing and do your work!"

It was no surprise, though, to see his art was tied in with his number one passion- cars! :) Kiersten's are very colorful and different from one another. What fun feast for the eyes these two created for me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

So it Seams

So it seems another year has been added to my age. So it seems my mom came out just for the occasion. (Thanks so much, Mom!) So it seems there has been many a sleep issue around the homestead these last 2 (now 3) months. So it seems that during a recent midnight escapade with Ezekiel the seams of my pajama pants gave way!

Oh dear. And they were a favorite pair of mine too!

Have you ever had that happen to you? Have you ever heard that retched sound of clothing ripping all because you bent your hind quarters?

Thankfully I had this happen in the confines on my own home with all members of the family sound asleep, save Zeke. Also thankfully, I know the rip/tear was a result of much wear over the years I owned them. (I have lost weight recently, not gained….so we’ll not travel down that road! : ))

Add insult to injury, the very next evening when I am again up in the wee hours of the morning with Ezekiel the small tear that was confined only to my hind quarters with a length of 3 inches or so grew to run down my mid-thigh! They are nothing more than garbage now- too much ventilation for my taste. : )

This all began on the anniversary of my birth. I was wondering if this was any symbol of what kind of year I have to look forward to! The wee hours of any night are not hours with which you want to know me. I am ugly in attitude and spirit if the sleep interruption is more than 5-10 minutes in duration or if the interruptions number on the upwards of 4 times or more. U.L.G.Y. (Thankfully Zeke’s lips are sealed (and the other 3 have no memory of that time)…the apologies he could tell you I have made the next morning!) Just giving you a basis for the frame of mind that would make me correlate pants ripping to how my whole 33rd year of life will go. (Drama abounds in those wee midnight hours.)

Well, sleep did return to me briefly and my birthday did carry on. There was monkey bread to enjoy, kids to watch swim, Mom & step-dad in town to visit, an ice cream cake to consume, beautiful spring promising flowers to enjoy, a card from my beloved starting with “To my wonderful, beautiful wife” (cannot go anywhere near wrong with a beginning like that!) and there was sunshine to brighten all else that needed a lift.

Blessings # 135-150

- Mom & Husband in town for birthday visit

- Mom looks good (stressed look is dying away and joy stealing its place)

- warm, just out of the oven monkey bread

- I own more than one pair of flannel jammie pants

- bright, beautiful, warm Springy flowers that make me smile when Winter gets long

- ice cream birthday cakes : )

- homemade cards

- jeans to wear that aren’t a part of any maternity collection

- Husband who tells daughter I am more beautiful than any bouquet of flowers to him

- Grandparents who are rough, tough and tumble with my children

- children who are quick to forgive

- Grandpa’s who, even though they have been asked a dozen times, still lift kids up high and make them giggle loud and long

- a little girl who makes frank statements, often times bold for one her size, followed by physical gestures to emphasize the point being made

- a Grandma who takes delight in all things sassy and sweet about her grandkids

- Grandpa taking Isaiah swimming as many times as he asks and for as long as he likes

- safe coming and going for Mom & Beloved

Thursday, March 3, 2011

You might have a house overrun by colds if…

- Kleenex is a staple and you are considering getting stock.

- Your shirt looks someone’s personal hanky.

- Vaporizers are running non-stop it seems.

- Coughing is a constant sound any time of the day.

- Your kids wake up looking like they have some sort of facial mask on – oh wait, that is just the remnants from a nose running throughout the night and little hands swiping it across their faces.

- They think all natural booger styling gel is in! (This is a first here. I was wondering what in the world Zeke had in his hair, on the top of his head, when upon further inspection it was all too clear what made its way there. Bath time coming soon!)

- You see that look of a long face, or long jaw, constantly throughout the day while children try to keep what is running down their face from passing the top lip and allowing it entrance to their mouth. (We will be thankful for the attempt!)

- It sounds like a semi is idling in your driveway as you listen outside the doors of your sleeping children.