Monday, March 22, 2010

She's no different...

than the other two when it comes to taking middle of the night baths. They all have been complete joys when on occasion they have had to take a bath in the middle of the night. Things that make a middle of the night bath necessary around here are high fevers and throwing up on oneself. : ) Lovely picture I just painted.

Recently we all, and I mean all, caught this stomach flu/intestinal bug. Katie was the first to fall and it did not take long for the rest of us to get it. Even my in-laws, whose house we stayed out the night this all started, got it. (Felt really, super bad about that one! If only we had known before we went.)

Katie didn’t have a fever…but man oh man did that child do some damage to her hair. Why does a child have to be on their back when throwing up, I ask you? Anyhow with her wild, long hair things became a mess. And the smell….I just won’t go there. I can only say there are few things that occur with my children that cause me to gag. Smelling their stomach contents outside of their stomach is one of them.

Anyhow, Katie endured two middle of the night baths that week and was a pure delight. If I hadn’t had to clean up the rest of the mess and wash her hair twice to make sure I got everything out (including the smell) I would never have known she was sick. She laughed and played and stayed in for about 20 minutes or so. Somehow that picture of wakefulness and happiness at 2 am after having tossed your cookies just gets me. What troopers and champs kids can be. They seem to roll with the punches pretty well…at least in the middle of the night they do! : )

This is what Katie looked like the morning before you she took sick. We had a rare treat of donuts that morning and she went wild. : ) This is the ‘toothy’ grin I have mentioned previously. She was hamming it up bad saying, “CHEESE!” and everything while I took a few photos. She really is a nut I tell you!

Thankfully that nasty bug that is the first one in a LONG time to hit the whole family came and went within a matter of days. Other than Katie, when it hit one of us the worst of it was over in about 24 hours. It was a busy laundry week…but it was only a week. And for that I was very thankful!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cute Things They've Said

Oh children do say some of the funniest and just out right cute things. Here are a few things that have been said by my children these last two weeks or so.

“Mom! You need to get the camera and take a picture of me in my nice clothes!”

He said the same thing to my Beloved while going to retrieve said camera for me at a wedding we recently attended. I had just bought him some snazzy clothes, dress clothes (on clearance!!!), for this wedding and then Easter. I have to confess it has to be Christmas or Easter to have me buy him nice clothes. Kiersten always seems to have a fancy dress or two, as dressing up is her thing. But Isaiah? Not so much. I had also bought him some little man loafers to go with the outfit. I think the child just felt mighty special and proud in his get up…and although the pictures aren’t great I did manage to get a few of my gussied up Biggest Man. What a handsome sweetie. (He's busting a move in these pictures!)

Kiersten while at the dentists office having her teeth flossed-
“I am not so keen on this part.”

The hygienist had to stop and ask her if that is what she really said. That polite way of saying, “Lady, I do NOT like what you are doing,” threw her off guard and made her smile. She was a younger gal too so ‘keen’ isn’t something she’s heard all too often.

Kiersten on getting bigger-
“I know one thing for sure. I WILL be bigger than Grandma!” (My husband’s mom is 5’ 1” or so)

We had been telling her maybe we would should plant Isaiah out in the garden so he could grow but that we wouldn’t want to put her out there because she was tall enough. That opened up a whole discussion of – “How tall will I be?” We told her about my height or so. There was some teasing going on though and that is when she broke out in the biggest grin and made her declaration.

Kiersten on the way to church on Sunday-
“Mom, was there really such a thing as the 1940’s?”

I smiled a good one at this question. I do think it was prompted by a T-shirt Isaiah had worn a day or two before with a car on it and I believe it had 1940 something or 1940’s on it as well. We aren’t there in History yet, so I know that isn’t where the thought came from. I had to wait until later in the day to share that one with my Beloved (we drive separate to church so he wasn’t present when she originally said it). As my Beloved’s mother is old enough to have been born in the 1940’s we had to call her again (did after the last comment) and to share a laugh with her. I don’t think Kiersten is holding up well in her standing as a grandchild on that side of the family. : )

Oh dear, children are a blessing from the Lord. They have their days (don’t’ we all?), but lately my Beloved and I have been sharing more smiles and giggles over all that the kids’ have been up to. Laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What They've Been Up To : Baby

Baby has been up to growing and not much else. : ) He/she, we don’t know which it will be, seems to be just fine and measuring right on schedule. We are still looking at around a July 4th due date. Does that mean this one will be a bit of a firecracker like Katie? Hmmm…

Well, let me introduce you to next sweet face to join our family.

We laughed a bit when we saw this hand by the face pose as this is the pose Katie takes when she is being shy or is acting like she is being scolded. Only she looks down while doing it. Who teaches them these things?
This isn't the best view but this is baby playing a little peek-a-boo with a nice up front face view.
And this is baby smiling. : ) It sure must be nice and comfy in there...although quiet, well I am not so sure about that one!
Anyhow, just a sneak peek at what the last of the clan in up to! Hope your week is blessed!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What They've Been Up To : Katie

The Katie girl, so much to say and yet there is so much that shouldn’t be said. I have to laugh when I think of what my OBGYN told me about her 3rd child. She described her as having retractable horns. And I have to say that kind of accurately describes my Katie!

She is the sweetest, cutest, most adorable girl that has this great laugh, crazy hair and mouth full of teeth. I do completely adore her and am smitten.

But I also see her as being a bit of pill or a pickle (the horns part). She is definitely the most headstrong of our children at this age. I never really had a fit or tantrum thrower until she came along. Oh, sure the other two threw an occasional fit or tantrum here or there…but it wasn’t their mode of expressing their displeasure when they didn’t get what they wanted. Katie on the other hand…well, let’s just say she could teach a class on SHOWING her unhappiness when things don’t go her way.

Did I mention she isn’t a quitter either? Yeah, so when those fits come on (and they tend to come on strong) she doesn’t up and quit any time soon. It could be 20 minutes of sweet bliss listening to her scream down by the door we only momentarily came in from because who knows why with her coat still on and her hat in hand. The options you are left with are ignore her and let her fight it out herself or physically pick her up and put her in her bed. There is no middle ground. Did I mention the arching? Ah well, you with children of your own know of what I speak.

But enough about her sassy side. What has she been UP to? The girl is working on her speaking skills. Daily we hear new words come out that we didn’t know she could say. She is constantly trying to repeat something said. For instance Dad was messing with her the other day and he said, “Poke!” as he proceeded to poke her ticklishly in her side. Out came something very close to poke…but without the hard p sound.

Our favorite thing to come out of her mouth? Why that would be, “EEEEEEE HAW!” Please don’t ask. No, we aren’t from southern families. And no, we have absolutely no idea where she picked that up. I will say she says it at the funniest times. Almost on cue it seems. What a nut.

Katie is a complete teaser and never misses any opportunity to mess with her siblings, in particular Isaiah. She grabs one of whatever type of toy he is playing with and just runs solely with the intent of being chased and laughing the whole way. Oh! Does she ever get a rise out of him. He definitely has to be in the mood to play or he just cries. He does however ALWAYS run after her to claim whatever it was she has stolen. Sometimes he takes it back nice and other times…. She never does that type of thing to Kiersten though, only Isaiah. It might have to do with being one of the few ways he’ll pay some attention to her. Who knows? But can I confess I laugh quite a bit when I see this and sometimes aide her in her fun? (Don’t tell on me, ok?)

My favorite thing about Katie is her grin. She has all these different facial expressions even with just her smile. She has this pursed lip grin (seen in picture with Kiersten) that is coy. She also has just the wide open grin where she looks so toothy, which I adore. Did I mention she is a nut? Wait until you see her laugh and do this up down thing with her jaw while she does it! (Disclaminer: the nutty side of her she gets from her father!)

Anyhow, I have run a bit at the mouth over her so I’ll quit now. You are a brave soul if you have indeed made it here! Take care : )

Monday, March 1, 2010

I haven't forgotten Katie

I haven't forgotten to chat about the Katie girl. I took some time off from tutoring last week and spent some time catching up a bit. Thus I wasn't on the computer no Katie post. It is coming, make no mistake! We'll get it up this week sometime- PROMISE.

Just so you know I am serious I'll leave you with this... :)