Monday, March 22, 2010

She's no different...

than the other two when it comes to taking middle of the night baths. They all have been complete joys when on occasion they have had to take a bath in the middle of the night. Things that make a middle of the night bath necessary around here are high fevers and throwing up on oneself. : ) Lovely picture I just painted.

Recently we all, and I mean all, caught this stomach flu/intestinal bug. Katie was the first to fall and it did not take long for the rest of us to get it. Even my in-laws, whose house we stayed out the night this all started, got it. (Felt really, super bad about that one! If only we had known before we went.)

Katie didn’t have a fever…but man oh man did that child do some damage to her hair. Why does a child have to be on their back when throwing up, I ask you? Anyhow with her wild, long hair things became a mess. And the smell….I just won’t go there. I can only say there are few things that occur with my children that cause me to gag. Smelling their stomach contents outside of their stomach is one of them.

Anyhow, Katie endured two middle of the night baths that week and was a pure delight. If I hadn’t had to clean up the rest of the mess and wash her hair twice to make sure I got everything out (including the smell) I would never have known she was sick. She laughed and played and stayed in for about 20 minutes or so. Somehow that picture of wakefulness and happiness at 2 am after having tossed your cookies just gets me. What troopers and champs kids can be. They seem to roll with the punches pretty well…at least in the middle of the night they do! : )

This is what Katie looked like the morning before you she took sick. We had a rare treat of donuts that morning and she went wild. : ) This is the ‘toothy’ grin I have mentioned previously. She was hamming it up bad saying, “CHEESE!” and everything while I took a few photos. She really is a nut I tell you!

Thankfully that nasty bug that is the first one in a LONG time to hit the whole family came and went within a matter of days. Other than Katie, when it hit one of us the worst of it was over in about 24 hours. It was a busy laundry week…but it was only a week. And for that I was very thankful!


mamabear said...

She is looking so grown up. So much more hair now. Beautiful girl!

How old will she be when your blessing comes? If she will still be in diapers, try to pick out curriculum that doesn't require much of Mom's presence. With two in diapers, you won't be sitting at the teaching table for more than a few minutes at a time. It's a big change. It seems like changing a diaper is just a few minutes, but with two, it adds up to a lot of interruptions. I was thankful this year to have a straight forward curriculum.

mamabear said...

I like your new page, by the way.

I think you will have it a lot easier since your oldest is a girl (without ADHD). I should keep my mouth shut. There's no comparison between the two situations. Your eight year old can probably change your two year old's diaper pretty easily by about July or August. Also, a third grader with good concentration skills can sail through a lot of schooling with minimal help. She'll do fine!

Enjoy your day!

Someone posted a granola recipe the day after I mentioned it on my blog, so don't worry about e-mailing that.

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