Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out on the town

A few weeks ago one of the local museums had a community day where it was free to the public. :) Since it tends to be around $10/person or so normally and we had a nice invite the older 2 and I went off to see what it was all about.

It would be a neat place to visit without the children to see and read a little more of the history of boats and such but as it was we had a really nice time. This particular place has a wonderful 'water' room. It is set up so that the kids can freely play with boats, floating fish, locks and dams- while wearing waterproof smocks, of course!

Isaiah was in seventh heaven. That child loves the water. I think this room was second only to taking a bath - meaing if he could have gotten in the water while he played...oh boy, we would have to move in!

Isaiah played with these little floating fish and the net for quite some time. He didn’t like it when the fish got pulled into this drain at the end of the table though. He would work feverishly to pull them out and make sure they didn’t end up there again. This little boy whom he played beside looked like he could almost be Isaiah’s brother! Too cute.

Kiersten also found things she liked in the room. There was this wind maker that you could use to direct the wind in the direction of your boat so that it would sail. She tried several boats out as some tipped right over and others were just right.

She also took interest in this pipe building area where you redirect the water through various pipes to get it to come out where you want it too. She was working hard to build this connection so that it reached to the top of a wheel that looked like just like ones on paddle boats of old. She wanted to make it spin and knew she needed to get the water flowing from the top of it.

The museum was a success just because of this one room. We stayed in there for almost an hour and a half and the kids could have stayed longer. Made me start to wonder if a family pass would be worth it for during the winter when we need to get out and do something fun. The room has a closed door so all are confined…which will work wonderfully for when we bring Katie. Though if she comes with us I fear another set of clothes will also need to accompany us as I do not see her leaving that room anywhere near dry!


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