Thursday, April 15, 2010

And the Biggest Man...

is 5 years old! What a sweetie he is. There are so many things that I just cherish about him. His little skip/hop thing he does. I suppose it is more like a prance. And there is that most contagious giggle he gets! He is so easy to please and for the most part easy going.

We ended up having a family birthday party on Easter, the weekend before his birthday, and then an immediate family (just the 5 of us) celebrated on his actual birthday. These pictures are from the party we had on Easter.

He had wanted a Geotrax cake but that just wasn’t something I could find or pull off so I went ahead and did a Thomas cake. I asked him if that would be alright and he was more than fine with it. : ) That was our ‘theme’ if you will. In previous years it has been Cars and then Hotwheels, Cars, Hotwheels…you see where this is going. It was a surprise to get a different request this year, but one I was happy to oblige. He’s getting bigger, taller, and skinnier (if that is possible).

It was a good day and so was his actual birthday. We’ll have to remember to not be suspenseful with his gifts next year and just let him open them all first thing in the morning. We had let him open 2 gifts before we went to church and were saving the others (don’t ask me why) until later. He just couldn’t get those off his mind and immediately when everyone was home from church he tore the last few open. He was so quick with everything I didn’t grab a single picture of him that day! : )

I did make him carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting so we would have cake on his birthday. You just cannot have cake or some special treat on your actual birthday even if the big party was early! He in no way minded having 2 parties and thus having his special day strewn out over a week. Spoiled little thing…but he is just 5 and so cute. We’ll let it slide this year. Next year? Who knows?


Margie said...

Happy Birthday to Isaiah!

mamabear said...

Happy Birthday! Sweet post.

How are you feeling?

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