Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Rest

does a body some serious good. Well, at least that is my line of thinking! : ) I have struggled with anemia as I do every pregnancy. Each time it just seems to start earlier and hit a little harder. Yes, I am taking an additional iron supplement (not faithfully, as that has its own issues).

As a result of the anemia there are days an hour or two after lunch I am spent and with Katie already asleep I let the other two kids’ watch a cartoon or two while I rest and then they come to find me. Yesterday I set them up to watch a few episodes of the old Muppet show (the variety one they used to play on prime time back in the day) and laid down.

When the show was over Kiersten came to find me and tell me it was done…my cue to get up. She mentioned being cold and snuggled right in under the covers. When she didn’t come out of our room within 5 minutes Isaiah came in to investigate. Ever the meddler he snuggled in between the two of us with a warning from me to not be crazy (as in this is most definitely NOT play/wrestle time).

Within a few minutes they had fallen asleep and so had I. I startled myself awake not too long after they joined me and found it funny that the troops were so tired they too needed a little rest (something they NEVER admit to when you ask them). There is simply nothing like a small nap or rest time to do a body good. :)


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