Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Up to NO Good

and apparently enjoying herself immensely!!! That Katie girl, I tell you, she is something else. Today she has eaten her breakfast, licked my breakfast bowl clean (head in it like Winnie the Pooh- and it was honey cinnamon oatmeal, in case you were wondering), from breakfast and any other thing see ate managed to make her hair ‘stiff’ with food, dumped over half of her sister’s orange juice on the table…to end up on my floor, climbed up the bathroom drawers to inspect and dismantle her daddy’s wallet (I was showering at the time and saw her but wasn’t in any position to do much just then), was escorted out of the bathroom to return 10 minutes later and managed to climb up to the actual counter, again using the drawers- where she was found standing and going through the medicine cabinet, from said bathroom counter got the top off of her toothpaste and was sucking it out (There was a reason the toothpaste was no longer on the counter top but in the upper cabinet. Oh, and it was the kiddy toothpaste so no worries that she ingested more than she would have in brushing her teeth.), finally ate her lunch (Hasn’t eaten much lunch for several days. She even asked for seconds – gasp!), and managed to get her short arms around the wall where the baby gate was placed to reach into the kitchen pantry and help herself to two Oreos. Would you believe all of this happened before noon? Some days….


mamabear said...

She sounds like she's developing nicely! LOL

Loved your experiment post1

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