Monday, May 3, 2010

Can I Just Confess...

that at any given moment in the day I either feel like I am an old man or a plumber?

Of course I must explain further. Here is my dilemma: my pants are either in need of constant pulling up (because the ever increasing size of my belly) or they are falling down and showing a bit too much of my hinder (because I have not pulled them up in the last 60 seconds or I have bent over).

You will be happy to know in public it is the old man I feel like. I don’t know why I associate the pulling up of my pants as an old man thing other than to say it just seems like you see a lot of old men adjusting their drawers. : )

As for the plumber association…in our family whenever someone was bending over and showing a bit too much of their backside we called it plumber’s crack. I know, I know! It isn’t P.C. or nice. I am just telling you what we called it back in the day. And cut me some slack, I didn’t have any sisters I just had brothers. Anyhow, I tend to feel a lot like the plumber when I am at home as I am forever bending over to pick something or someone up.

I am just so annoyed with pants right now and completely disappointed in a pair of maternity capri I bought the other day I almost cried. Why won’t anything stay up for the love of Pete?! I was able to take all of 5 steps in those pants before they were sagging. Yeah, those babies are going back. I know I didn’t have this much trouble with pants when I was pregnant the first time.

Am I just getting old and crotchety or do they really make some seriously lousy maternity wear for the every day gal? Any suggestions other than suspenders? : ) Heard that one already.

You can be thankful there were no pictures associated with this post. : ) I had to throw a laugh in there at the end of my grumbling!


mamabear said...

I'm so sorry about the anemia! That has to be very hard while parenting a toddler at the same time. I forgot to write on that post.

joanna said...

Hi Jess! Laughed when I read this, as I totalllly had the same problem all last summer/fall when I was pregnant. I just gave the only pair of pants away that would stay up, or else I'd be mailing them to you! Don't know what it is... I ended up going and buying regular pants/shorts, just a few sizes "too big". And counted the days until it was over :). Take care!

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