Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Dilemma

Why is it so hard to come up with names for boys’? We are just stuck. We have a few, and I mean very few, ideas but nothing that really strikes us.

It isn’t that we need a totally original name and yet I find myself poo-pooing those names that are more common and highly used… like Matthew, John, David. These are all good names…but not ones I want to use. We have talked about Ezekiel, Eli, Caleb and Ethan. No middle names at all. Hard to head that way when you cannot even come up with a first name that just hits home.

Maybe it is especially hard this time because we both feel like it is a girl. We had trouble coming up with boys’ names when we found out we were expecting the first time. In fact the name we had chosen for a boy, if Kiersten had been one, we recycled when we found out what #2 was. (The only child we found out the sex of ahead of time.) We didn’t even discuss other options. We just went with what it took us so long to come up with the first time around.

With Katie we had an ongoing bet about the sex…so there was something there, in me at least, that made having a boy a possibility. Not that our guts are right about the sex of this baby, but the since we are both on the same team it makes it seem almost unnecessary to come up with a name and yet we know we need to. Does that make any sense?

Now girls’ names? Oh, we can come up with a list of 10. We have one in mind, subject to change. We are thinking Megan, Maegan, Maeghan (spelling it isn’t something we are solid on as of yet : ) ).

All that being said - any help for a boy's name? Anything at all you want to toss in the ring?


Margie said...

Boys names are tough and as I haven't thought about it in a while these were some from my list when Aidan was born.

Biblical names --Jonah, Noah, Joel, Jonathan and David come to mind as well as I am reading about them in Samuel right now, Samuel is a good one as well.

I am a fan of Celtic origin names as well-- Declan (definitely a favorite of mine), Rhys (Reese as we spelled it for Aidan's middle name because we could not trust southerners to pronounce it correctly. )

Hope these at least bring up some more ideas for you!

Muthering Heights said...

I always have a hard time with boy names too...girl names are just so much prettier! :P

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