Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Fondue Night

Recently my Beloved and I were able to have an adult night away…and yet not leave the house! : ) We had invited over some dear friends of ours whose children are well past the needing a babysitter stage. We had been trying to get together with them for some time…but do you go out? Stay home? What’s best? We finally decided let’s ask them over for dessert after we put the kiddos down. That way we have the best of both worlds. We can have the date night and not pay a babysitter!

Well, we knew that chocolate would go over extremely well with one member of the couple coming so we decided to try a Toblerone fondue. This is a much loved chocolate treat we hadn’t had until Christmas time when one family member gave us a large bar to share. Anyhow, we made the chocolate sauce and I had a little brand new fondue pot/heater thing with 4 colored forks we could place the sauce in on the table to keep it warm.

We chopped up strawberries, pineapple, bananas, green apple, pound cake, and then had Nilla wafers as well. Can I say scrumptious? Really, really scrumptious!!!

Well, Kiersten was a little jealous because she knew we were having people over and that we were having dessert…all without her. (We had to give her some talking to before sending her up to bed. You know, there is nothing you need down here so please don’t come down unless it is an emergency type of talk. Thankfully she obeyed and stayed up even though it must have been killing her! : ))

Our compromise was to have another fondue night the following evening with the kids. We already had everything…all the fruit and such. We just needed to make a fresh chocolate sauce to dip it all in. I am sure you can tell from the pictures that family fondue night was a complete hit! (Check the level of the sauce in the picture with the kids’ and I.) We did give Katie her own little dipping pile on her plate so the sauce would cool down and then she wouldn’t lose her fruit or her fingers in the other pot.

It was truthfully a simple and fun way to have dessert. This will be something we'll do again, that's for sure! I mean how can you go wrong with a bunch of fruit and a delicious chocolate sauce to dip it in?


Margie said...

Oh I just love those happy faces!

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