Friday, May 28, 2010

The Reading Corner

Recently I moved some furniture around the house. We needed a change and some more organization to most of our school materials. Our house doesn’t have any spare rooms left for a play or school room so the dining room is where all the action takes place. Thus this is where I moved the little bookcase necessary to house school things.

I put up this years material and then brought up from the basement last years material. It was so funny to watch the kids sit on the bin I brought up and just peruse what was there.

Kiersten was meeting up with some old friends and remembering stories read before and Isaiah was picking up the science experiment book and finding thing after thing he wanted to try again. Katie, she just wanted to see what the other two were looking at so closely.

The only damage done thus far was to the small occupant on top of the bookshelf just now…a caterpillar we found on a walk. Poor guy has been tossed around a bit and then dropped. Insult to injury if you ask me.

Anyhow, back to the reading corner or area. It is a blessing to have things organized and up for us to find all in one place and I am looking forward to adding many more years worth! I know the kids are as well. (We’ll worry about logistics later. : ) )


mamabear said...

They just get cuter everyday, Momma! Loved the new post, too. Daniel uses our large print Bible, with my purple pink girlie cover, because I haven't gotten to a large Christian bookstore yet to find other options. He loves large print, so this one is working well. Found it at Walmart for my tired, 40-something eyes. LOL

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