Thursday, March 3, 2011

You might have a house overrun by colds if…

- Kleenex is a staple and you are considering getting stock.

- Your shirt looks someone’s personal hanky.

- Vaporizers are running non-stop it seems.

- Coughing is a constant sound any time of the day.

- Your kids wake up looking like they have some sort of facial mask on – oh wait, that is just the remnants from a nose running throughout the night and little hands swiping it across their faces.

- They think all natural booger styling gel is in! (This is a first here. I was wondering what in the world Zeke had in his hair, on the top of his head, when upon further inspection it was all too clear what made its way there. Bath time coming soon!)

- You see that look of a long face, or long jaw, constantly throughout the day while children try to keep what is running down their face from passing the top lip and allowing it entrance to their mouth. (We will be thankful for the attempt!)

- It sounds like a semi is idling in your driveway as you listen outside the doors of your sleeping children.


Margie said...

Ainsley had it last week. Sending well wishes your way!

Christine said...

I'm sorry! This usually means no sleep for Momma. I will pray for quick recoveries and that Momma doesn't fall too.

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