Friday, February 25, 2011

Double the Trouble

Oh, these two! I tell you what they won’t try to get away with when my back is turned. You know how you tell them and tell them and tell them not to, oh let’s say, stand on the back of the futon? And then they do it anyway? And you catch them because they aren’t the smartest about when they do it?


I have to tell you the oldest offender tends to catch the most flack from me. They know better, they truly do. Not only that but they are leading by example. And with leadership comes, you got it, followers. How to teach a child that their actions don’t only affect them but those around them for the better or the worse?

Anyhow, Isaiah and Katie were caught being naughty, for like the umpteenth time, standing on and jumping off the back of the futon, the very nice, very wooden futon. So Isaiah gets sent into the kitchen to keep one of our corners company. They get lonely you know, those corners do.

As Isaiah is sitting there his little sister comes looking for him. “Where’s ‘Saiah?”

“He’s in the corner.”

She immediately sits down by him. “I want to be by ‘Saiah.”

Double the trouble and double the punishment, I guess. Don’t they look thoroughly chastised? Like they’ll never do it again? : ) Where have I gone wrong?


Christine said...

How cute. Love the cherry wall paper too! My boys looked on and enjoyed this picture as well.

Margie said...

What sweet faces! How could they ever get into trouble?!?!?!?

Just teasing! Stick to your guns my friend. Talk to you soon!

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