Monday, February 7, 2011

A Declaration

I am not a huge football fan. Watching the super bowl? Not high on my list. My husband on the other was a little too into this years game because his beloved Packers were in it. : ) It is thankful I am that they won. (I left the house a little after half-time. I won't make privy the things he was saying to the T.V. prior to my departure. My only prayer was that he wouldn't wake the children in his agitation/excitement.)

Anyhow, why the chat about the super bowl when I am not in the slightest bit a football fan? I was thankful and surprised to hear the Declaration of Independence being read just prior to the action by different NFL players.

This year we have begun our 2 part study of the history of the United States. We are on the Revolutionary War, thus my interest and appreciation in the reading of the Declaration of Independence. : ) In addition to the history section of our curriculum we have books that Kiersten reads on her own (I do too, before she does.) as well as read-alouds. It has been so neat to have the books we are reading tie in right with where we are in history. Currently we are finishing up Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes.

I have to tell you I have a whole new appreciation for what our forefathers went through and did just so that I could live in a free and democratic society. I honestly don't remember learning much of this in my own school days, which is neither here nor there, but am doubly thankful I am learning it now.

Continuing my much slacking list of thanks : )

# 125 - 134

 - living in a free & democratic nation

- those dear men & women who have served in the military and given so much from 1776 to today

- a rich national history

- a school curriculum that works hard to bring out the most in what we are studying

- the Declaration of Independence

- the Star Spangled Banner

Adventures in Odyssey telling Kiersten the story of how the Star Spangled Banner came to  be written

- a country that was founded on a belief in the One, True God

-relearning a history I had long ago forgotten and thus greatly under appreciated

- my Mom is home safe (for good)  after having served to support our troops over seas in  a warring area for 6 1/2 years


Margie said...

Yay on your Mom being home for good! So awesome. I hear you about the reading of the Declaration. It had me choked up! I can't wait until Ainsley is a bit older to take both of the kids to DC. I want them to be old enough to understand what they are seeing to appreciate the trip.

joanna said...

Sounds like you are having fun. I've been having fun checking out kids' history books lately, though I don't get quite the homeschool immersion - we're immersed in history here in Baltimore. Just this past weekend, we got to visit the fort where the Star Spangled Banner was written. Awesome history lessons all around! Next up is that I need to read the Dec. of Independence before we get to go see it :). Take care!

Christine said...

Glad you like the Sonlight so well! Two people here really wished they could have watched the game. Husband had to go back to work that night, but Timmy kept track of the score online. Glad to hear about the Declaration part. will tell husband that.

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