Friday, June 13, 2008

Still Baking...

Well, baby is still baking and showing no signs of coming soon. Dr. L. will be on call this weekend and then after that she is on vacation until the 24th. We have a deal. I either go this weekend, Lord willing, of course, or I cross my legs and wait until Dr. L. comes back! :) I know, try telling that to the baby right. I am completely at the mercy of someone else. Oh well. The Lord has been so faithful to me and I had my doctor on call with both the other two. So we'll just trust He'll do it again.

In other news the kids' and I went to pick-up their pictures. We had a few other errands to do and since we are out and about we stopped at a play land and had lunch. They always enjoy this and since it has been raining a lot lately it was good to get some of that pent up energy out. Here are some more pictures of double-my-trouble :) Have a wonderful weekend.


Margie said...

Oh what cute pictures! Kiersten looks like a little princess. Thanks for the dog advice. We have crated her before and she has had an accident only once. B is the one who really hesitates to crate her. I just need to be more insistant next time.

Becca L. said...

Love the pictures! Continued prayers that you continue "baking" until Dr. L. comes back.

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