Sunday, June 22, 2008

I lost the bet!

Miss Katie Lee joined our family Friday June 20th at 7:34pm, thus putting me on the losing end of the bet my beloved and I had about the sex of the baby. Oh well, it sure is a nice way to lose! :) Katie is just precious. She weighed 8lbs 11oz and is 19" long. She favors Isaiah more than Kiersten in looks. Though there are some traits- like the back and arm hair- I was hopping she would escape! :) Time will tell on that one.

Kiersten is absolutely thrilled to have a sister. When daddy showed her a picture the next morning she saw the umbilical cord and asked in a sad little voice if it was a boy. Dad quickly told her it was a girl and he said it was like the sun came out from behind the clouds. Her face just lit up! She has held Katie several times and tends to whisper when talking around her. She has mentioned on more than one occasion that Katie really likes her. It is sweet to watch Kiersten love on her. For a girl who has absolutely no interest in dolls, but prefers animal buddies, she is quite taken with her sister.
Now Isaiah on the other hand has no more than a passing curiosity about Katie. She's the baby but that is about it. It is funny to watch his reaction and remember Kiersten's when he arrived on the scene. He acts just like she did, although I fear he will cry more in the coming days than she ever did once he was home. That's what I get for a mama's boy :)

Well, I need to run. I'll do my best to get some more pictures of the 3 kids' up soon and keep everyone updated. Thanks for all the prayers' for a good delivery and a healthy baby!


Margie said...

Oh Miss J what a pretty baby girl. You stinker you have not called me! I will give you a call maybe tomorrow as we want to get meals started for you guys. Love you, and congratulations Moser Family!

Becca L. said...

Ok, she is absolutely beautiful but I can't believe I'm reading about this on your blog!

I look forward to meeting her soon and catching up with you. Let me know if you need anything!

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