Saturday, June 7, 2008

Please explain

This subject makes me laugh because Miss M is complaining about her dog peeing on her floor and I have Isaiah! Someone needs to explain the finer art of potty training to me because I am obviously missing something. For the most part Isaiah does o.k. so long as I am faithful to put him on the toilet every hour or so. He is still too busy to stop and go to the bathroom before it happens. He'll strip down and run to the toilet after he is already wet- which isn't helping me much. Except for the fact that the scene of the crime is then easily found and cleaned up.

Anyhow, day before yesterday, while wearing big boy underwear, he managed to pee on the floor 3 times, his bed once and poop. So you might be asking yourself did I put him on the toilet often enough? Before one of the accidents we had been to the toilet and he had gone potty not 5 minutes prior. Needless to say the next day had to be a diaper day. I just took it off and on as we went to the toilet. No accidents all day. What am I missing?! I thought it would get better with time but that boy can sure try a girl's patience and sanity. Any advice?


Becca L. said...

Hey! The blog looks great! As for the potty training, I don't know. I definitely am finding it's easier with a girl than with a boy.

Margie said...

Aidan was a tough one to train too. He was just to busy to want to go to the potty and for the longest would only stay dry if I took him to the potty every hour and a half or so.

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