Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet Feet

Kiersten and I received a fun gift last week from my mom. She sent us these cute matching pairs of socks. :) In my younger days it was rare to find me not sporting a fun pair of socks. It was my thing. My mom is still faithful to send a fun pair my way every now and again (which I appreciate). Only this time it wasn't just me getting fun socks, the KK girl did too. She thinks it is fun to match so we both put on our socks and took a picture of our matching feet decked out in Grandma's favorite color-purple. :) Thanks so much for the fun surprise Mom, we love them!

As a side note, we went grocery shopping today and picked up Isaiah's special ice cream..had mini M&M's in it (his most favorite candy). He gladly jumped on the toilet for me to make business before bed...and did it again! :) I know, I know don't get my hopes up too high but how can I not be excited and oh so hopeful?!


Margie said...

Oh congratulations to you and Isaiah! Love the fun socks.

Becca L. said...

Even I would hop on the potty for ice cream with mini M&Ms!

I love those socks!

momma's heart said...

Your mom sounds great!

Both my boys trained at 3 years, 8 months. Finally, they just decided they wanted to do it. I put a whole lot of effort in it for over a year, to no avail. Let's just hope Emily proves to be more independent. Both boys seemed to really like having Mommy care for them. Daniel, at seven, still comes out of the bathroom to ask me if he "got it all". lol
My hopeful hunch is that Emily will be trained by 2 years, 8 months.

Your friendship is so much appreciated. Thank you!

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