Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Her pronunciation, or rather mispronunciation, of words is so precious. Today it was, “Mom, I have a beaver. Take my temperture.”

“You mean you have a fever?”

“Yeah, like Zeke.”

I am especially naughty when these cute little mispronunciations come about. I ask or prompt her in some way to get her to say that sweet sounding word again and again. It brings such a smile to my face and warms my heart. I love this about her, her way with words.

Some others are, “Can I watch that on that ba-cute-er?”

“You mean the computer?” : )

It is a gum-brella instead of an umbrella.

She says back-set instead of basket.

It comes out, “No, I did-dent.” (Which my husband can mimic far better than I can!)

She called a sweet friend of hers ‘Farris’ which was rather a mystery to me because her name is Kharis and she could say Katie, Kiersten and Miss Kate. So why the K couldn’t not be included at the start of Kharis’ name baffled me. (This is no longer an issue. Whew! I didn’t want wee Kharis to get a complex.)

I suppose if I were honest it isn’t just the way she mispronounces or rather changes words it is the way she says them. I don’t think it could quite be said she has an accent but there is something to that thought. She says ‘girl’ and it sounds like guirl. Written words cannot to justice to the speak and sound of a 3 year old but just know it is precious, oh so precious.


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