Thursday, January 19, 2012

I’m a Big Fan of Bon-Bon’s

When they are this cute, how can you not be? : )


This Bon-Bon had such a fun time and reveled in the experience of being a part of the Nutcracker. She has watched from the side lines year after year. But not this year. This year she joined the ranks of many a dancer.


(Kiersten is the first Bon-Bon on the left.) We may live in a smaller town but this production has been going on for close to 30 years. The last several of which Kiersten and her daddy have gotten all fancied up for and went to watch.

This year? This year it was Mom, Dad and Grandma who got all fancied up to watch. Our eyes earnestly seeking out one little performer in particular.


That’s right, Grandma flew in just to see Kiersten in her first appearance in the Nutcracker. It was already special but Grandma’s coming made it even more so. Such a treat and a blessing that she could be here. I know Kiersten won’t easily forget this year or how special it was.


She did have one complaint about the whole thing. It was putting on make-up, in particular the mascara and eye liner bother her. I think she is fine once it is all on but the getting it on is another story. I didn’t keep count of the times she said, “Make-up is my nemesis.” (And yes, that is her exact wording. I blame it on her Dad. : ) )


I won’t hold my breath that she will still feel that way about make-up a few years down the road. Who knows though, this could be one battle I won’t have to fight! (Hope is a beautiful thing.)

In any case this Bon-Bon did a wonderful job and has made a fan out of me. Honestly they don’t get much cuter than this. Congratulations, Sweets, on an outstanding job as a Bon-Bon.


Margie said...

What a cutie!

Christine said...

Yeah for Kiersten! And for Grandma coming in for her big day.

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