Thursday, February 2, 2012

21st Century

Oh yeah, we are slowly but surely making our way into the 21st century. I know all you techie people out there have been here for some 12 years now. We are just a little late to the game. What in the world am I going on and on about?


Uh-huh. New to me, old to you. I know this is the way it is forever to be. We’ll always be a bit behind the times. Hey, my thought is I let you all get first dibs, work out the kinks, and then I’ll jump in with both feet.

My family is all out of state. (K, not entirely true. My family is all out of the state 50% of the year. Like the birds, my grandparents migrate South for the winter. : ) ) I had heard for some time about Skype and even talked more seriously about utilizing it when my mom was overseas working. Alas Skype was a bit of a no-no for her to use so the subject dropped.

Until this past weekend.

My dad and his beloved mentioned Skype and how they have been using it to talk to her family out East. They raved over how wonderful it is and how nice it is to actually see family members not just talk to them.

Leaning on their expertise we had our first Skype video call with them. We actually had two. How fun and what a blessing. We are working on how to play a game with Miss Rita who is some 1,000 miles away. Sleeping Queens, anyone? Although, I have been thinking the Hedbandz Game might be an easier option. I’ll get back to you on that one.

We had such a fine time talking/seeing my dad and his girls’ that we called my mom and told her she really needed to do this Skype thing with us. After a few technical set backs Grandma called us this morning and we saw her sweet face. (Grandpa’s too!) I was laughing at Grandpa saying Grandma would want to”call” daily. : ) After this mornings call I’ll just say I think Mom’s hooked. (I know we are!) After all who can resist those four kids making silly faces (because they can see who we are talking to as well as themselves) talking loud and over one another?

Thanks Dad & Jennifer, we are so glad you pushed us to get with the times. : )

(p.s. Skype is free. It doesn’t really get much better than that.)


Christine said...

The only problem with Skype is I have to get rid of the clean but unfolded laundry littering the living-room couch. Grandma and Grandpa can see them from our desk, as well as every other mess in our living room. We love it, but wish the view was smaller. :)

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