Friday, November 2, 2012

Looks Can be Deceiving


He is a handsome little devil, I know. I am rather smitten with this little guy. {I get such a kick out of the way my boys’ cross their feet and their legs!} He is mostly a dear sweet boy…except for when meal time rolls around. If we hadn’t gone through this same song and dance routine 3 times already I might take things personally. He’ll eat everything he can- so long as it is a ‘snack’. You put food on a plate and set Littlest Man up to the table and suddenly the food becomes undesirable. How he thrives we’ll never know.

That is why I was a bit baffled to know he put his little hand up into my dish of raw, thawing chicken legs and then proceeded to lick it. Who knows what he thought was in the dish. Knowing he did this is seriously disgusting and a little disturbing. I am guessing it was the hope of what might have been in there that lured him.

The ironic part? He wouldn’t touch the chicken once it was cooked and put on his plate for dinner. : ) Go figure.

{Beloved was the one who caught Little Man in the act. He squawked at Zeke and then brought him quickly up to the sink where he cleaned his hands and tried to wipe out his mouth. I am happy and super thankful to report Zeke suffered no ill effects from his curiosity.}


Christine said...

Oh, my. I thought this was a post about how Isaiah has changed over the years. I kept reading and suddenly I realized, this is Zeke! I couldn't believe how much of a twin he is to Isaiah! I called the boys over and asked them who this boy was. They both said Isaiah right away. Then their mouths fell open when I said it was Isaiah's little brother.

Your whole family is just beautiful--Mom and Dad too! And oh yes, Anna has done the raw meat thing too.

Margie said...

Love love love him too! What a cutie. Miss you guys.

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