Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sorry for delay in posting lately. I just haven't been feeling all that well (due to baby #4) and just in general have been in a little funk. Not sure if that is pregnancy related or not. :) For my sake, and because this is in all likely hood our last, let's just say it is pregnancy related, shall we? (My Beloved and I had an agreement the day we married that we would be done by the time he was 40...and that is fast approaching! That and I am keen on having an even # of children (don't ask, I have no logical reason), so four it is.)

So we are doing fine, no sickness or flu. Mom is just being a pill.

We, that is my Beloved and I, have been busy the last few weeks getting our Christmas goodies made. He carried more of the work as I don't like doing cut-out cookies and wasn't feeling so hot. I have to say my man is a good one. :) Anyhow, 6 of the 7 tins were shipped yesterday (needed 1 last address) which was a huge relief to me and it cleared out my house immensely of all those stored up goodies!

Ah, it really didn't matter that they were around. Sweets and I are not agreeing with one another so well at this stage in the game. So whereas in the past when I packed the tins up it was 1 for that family and 2 for me...this year it all went to family. Lucky ducks. :)

Now if I can get our family to get a picture taken, have Christmas cards (at my current pace will have to be just New Year's cards) made up, addressed and sent out. On top of that I have still not finished shopping for anyone of my children nor my husband. Which is completely silly since each child gets 3 gifts. I have ideas for everyone but just haven't made all the that is at least something. :)

On a brighter note I will post pictures of my lovies soon (sorry for not doing so sooner Mom!). That'll cheer a person up...seeing those sweet faces. K, blessings to all.


mamabear said...

Congratulations!! I must have missed this happy news earlier. Four is a fun number!

Merry Christmas to you!


joanna said...

Congrats on the coming baby Jess! Hope you are feeling better soon... I'm thinkin' I'll be sending out New Years cards too, glad I'm not the only one! And I'm blaming it all on baby number 4 too :). Merry Christmas!

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