Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prayer Request

Just wanting to ask prayer for this dear family. Their young son, Jake, will be undergoing brain surgery sometime today to help drain some fluid from an abcess that formed as a result of an infection a little over 2 weeks ago. Mom and Dad (Ali & Mitch) are struggling and just crying out for prayers...and thus I am crying out as well.

Jake has a heart condition, has since the womb, and that has added to some of the distress, some of the worry. These parents aren't new to hospital stays and plenty of doctors, however, they are new to brain issues. The brain was just not something they thought would need tending to and it scares them in ways they hadn't thought possible.

They just need prayers. Here Jake is with his sweet sisters, Olivia and Grace. If you want to stay connected and updated with Jake's family they do have a caringbridge site.

Thanks for the prayers in advance!


mamabear said...

Congratulations on your precious baby boy! Wish I could be there to play with the kids and do laundry for you. I've been where you are and I know the needs. Praying for an army of help! I'm just so excited for you! (Margie gave the news).

mamabear said...

Oh, Jess. That was so sweet of you to write a note. I will pray about feeding issues. Small and larger babies seem to get them more than average babies. Two of mine were born with low blood sugar and the hospital gave them formula shortly after birth. I think it would have corrected itself, because always after a nursing the levels increased a lot more than they did after the formula. Even with just colostrum--no milk yet. The hospital has standard procedures they follow, though. The levels always went to normal by hospital day two.

Anyway, I'll pray that all gets worked out today. Today, God! Few things are as stressful as a crying baby needing fed. Keep imagining yourself one month from now, peacefully nursing. You have my fervent prayer support throughout--not matter the outcome of how he gets fed.

Bless you, Momma!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a blog stalker :) that stumbled onto you blog. I was wondering how little Jake is doing? I check his caringbridge site and no updates since July...


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