Wednesday, September 29, 2010


won’t you take me away? Please? Pretty please?

What?! That is a statement you use on your commercials but don’t mean literally?


Scotty? Beam me up?

No can do either, huh? Bummer.

Yeah, I could use a little taking away or beaming up. That Katie girl, you know the sweet minx I spoke of recently? Well, I took the notion in my silly little head to go ahead and give the potty training a try.

Big mistake. What on earth was I thinking?

My husband coined the phrase “intestinal fortitude” with regard to Kiersten back in her potty training days. Let me just say I am not sure Kiersten has anything on Katie. The jury is still out on that one, but that is my contention anyway.

We started yesterday. I use a timer to help give me as a gauge for when the next time is to sit that little hinder on the toilet. Oh, we had a few accidents here and there. To be expected.

Today, however, that child wised up and thought she would give me a run for my money. I kid you not she sat on the toilet for 2 hours. She had had her morning juice, was watching a little Dora and did nothing. Not one little tinkle did she make.

She got off the toilet. Within a few minutes she has tinkled (that word is not cute when it isn’t paired up with the word toilet) upstairs in Kiersten’s room.

So she has to go…she just doesn’t want to go in the toilet. She is holding it until she gets off and within minutes goes somewhere in the house potty most certainly does not belong.

The one up?

She sits on the toilet for a while, makes a little tinkle, we rejoice, she gets her chocolate treat and then with the treat still in her mouth makes a ‘tinkle’ on my dining room floor! While still eating her reward! Can I tell you how much I wanted to snatch that chocolate from her hand and eat it myself?

She had gone on the toilet, released a little, because the dam was full, but didn’t give full vent to all that was behind the dam. She waited until she was off the toilet for that full release.


Where is Calgon or Scotty when you really need them? Better yet why is there no potty training fairy who swoops in and saves the poor mother whose task it is to teach her child this most necessary of things? Somebody please tell me!

*(I am being dramatic-allowed to a mother of many children every now and again. :) If you don't laugh, which my mother did a little too long and loudly when I shared this with her yesterday, how do you keep sane? And sanity is key. :) )*


Margie said...

Poor you! Maybe wait a little while and give it another try? I don't know, I did not enjoy the potty training days. When Ainsley turned 3 though she just suddenly got it. Good luck to you and thinking of you my friend. Do we need a coffee escape this weekend?

joanna said...

Oh Jess! You tell the stories so well, I'm laughing! You remind me of starting unsuccessfully with Abby (my first), and thinking, I have never felt so powerless, and that on a skill that seems so easy! OH those powerful little toddlers. Will pray for an abundance of patience and continued good sense of humor for you!

Christine said...

I found this potty training post on the Pursuing Titus 2 blog. It isn't a how-to post. Just encouragement in the trials that children bring.

I have Calgon moments several times a day!

Muthering Heights said...

No matter how you slice it, potty training is NOT fun...we're working on it over here too!

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