Thursday, January 27, 2011

Knock, Knock I

As most things go in a family with multiple children, the younger ones always want to be able to do what the older ones can. My children are no exception to this rule.

The older two had been on a spree of telling knock, knock jokes and riddles. Not one to be left out, ever, Katie joined in. She didn’t know any on her own…so she came up with some. Her way of telling a joke is too precious to be told to you in words so I thought I would have her share one by video.

She is a typical two year old and easily distracted, especially by the sight of herself. When she sees her picture on the wall, or sees a picture of any small brown haired looking girl, she says, “That’s Katie!” When asked about her picture she says, “I’m gorgeous!” (No self esteem issues here! : ) Truth be told, she is gorgeous.

Now as you watch the video: 1) Please ignore the chaos that reigns on the house pictured behind her. 2) Make no mention of the Christmas tree you see just behind her that she so kindly points out to you. Yes, I know it is very near the end of January. Yes, I took this video last week. No, I am not obsessed with my tree. It is far easier to get up (small hands do all the ornamenting) then to take back down (Mom must do alone in order to ‘pack’ things away. Alone time? Pray tell, what and when is that?!) 3) Afore mentioned tree is down as of Monday this week. Just so you know. : )

Knock, Knock I from Jess on Vimeo.

Because of her little two year old self being who she is, you’ll notice I only grabbed the start of a knock, knock joke. It was just so very Katie that I couldn’t help but share. Have no fear though I have managed to capture not 1, not 2…..but 3 knock, knock jokes for you. That video? It’ll be coming to a post near you soon!

Oh, and the bruising to her face. Yeah, I had no part in that. I wasn’t even there when it happened. She was shopping for some sweet treats for her Grandma’s 73rd birthday at a confectionary shop and took a dive after catching the edge of the carpet into the corner of their very metal display case. She was fortunate to have missed her eye. That shiner made almost the whole left side of her face look green and purple for just about a week. She has since recovered with no lasting signs of trauma. My Beloved keeps asking me if she is going to be accident prone like my younger brother is…..oh, how I pray it isn’t so!!!


Margie said...

Oh I do so love Miss Katie! This makes me laugh and makes me sad too. I miss you guys. I have been meaning to call but am recovering from a somewhat nasty cold. I was afraid you wouldn't recognize my "man" voice. Next week I promise!

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