Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rollie Pollie Baby

These last few weeks have brought some milestones of sorts to the house.

The Zeke-monster is now 6 months old. He decided a week prior to the 6 month mark that he was hungry…wanted to start eating more than just milk. We obliged him and gave him his first taste of cereal. He couldn’t get enough! His little mouth was open and waiting and he was gulping! (If babies can gulp runny cereal.) That 1 tablespoon didn’t seem to satisfy him so he is eating one serving of 2 tablespoons worth of the solid (or not so solid…depending how you see it) cereal each day. That hasn’t alleviated our sleep issues as of yet though. He might already be displaying signs of a hollow leg! : )

Zeke has also turned into our rollie pollie baby. Oh, he could role front to back and then back to front but he has discovered he could do more than one at a time allowing him to steamroll around the living room.  He also puts himself up on his hands and knees. You can be sure where you left him you will not find him. You can also be sure that if he rolls to some object that said object will be chewed on, slobbered on and made into his own teething device.

Speaking of teeth…well, I suppose there really is nothing to speak of. When Zeke started chewing and slobbering at the end of month 3 we, or rather I, was fairly confident he was going to be an early teeth-er like his brother. Not so much.  Here we are 3 months later, he still chews and slobbers on everything in site and not a tooth has popped through. What a tease those teeth are!

Lastly I have cut the apron strings.  Zeke now sleeps solely in the crib in his room. I had been slowly moving that way but hadn’t taken the plunge and left him there overnight. He was being a bit fussy after a late night snack so instead of letting him make a ruckus and disturb Dad I took him upstairs. This was an impromptu move and leaving him there was super hard. I cannot tell you the number of times I checked him before I finally feel asleep. It wasn’t a sound sleep mind you, but it was sleep nonetheless! The rest, is as they say, history.

There is never a dull moment around here…change is always just around the corner. More of the other munchkins another day!


Christine said...

He's gorgeous and happy! Can't believe how much he resembles Isaiah!

Yes, teething is so mysterious, and they all have different responses to the pain. Mine all sprouted teeth between 8 and 11 months.

Margie said...

Love that Zeke face! Miss you guys so much!

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