Monday, May 16, 2011

El Destructo

At a certain age we have called all our children this simply for the fact when you look where they have been it looks like the path of a tornado. : )

They take out everything of interest as well as tear down anything that is built. It is mass destruction- thus Zeke is now El Destructo (not that some of his older siblings are much better).

Here you can see how the older two were playing a game of Life. Then Zeke ambled along and well….


It is rather difficult to play when the wheel is ‘no longer in service!’

Fortunately for him he is still little and cute.


Just look at that face- doesn’t that spell trouble to you?


Zeke is getting to be such the biggest, littlest man. He crawls all over the place with a love for the two bookshelves and the bathroom. He uses the rocker (a glimpse of it there in the background) as a walker. He is getting bolder in letting go of furniture and taking a few minutes to stand on his own. He has figured out how to scale the stairs and can do so in just about 60 seconds.


He is still sporting only his two bottom teeth – definitely making him the slowest teether of the four. Zeke has been introduced to dear old Sippy cup, but he hasn’t yet figured out how to use it. He loves graham crackers and crackers in general. He also prefers his feet to be bare, giggling whenever I remove socks. Oh, and he has had TWO haircuts thus far in his 10 month life. I cannot say that for any of the previous three.

Not sure how I moved from him being a destructor to an overall report on him! It had to be looking at the sweet pictures (taken several weeks ago already) and thinking on all that he can do and all that has changed. He is such a sweetie boy- although that picture of his naughty face reminds me a little too much of his closest sister! (Worried, definitely worried.)


Christine said...

Oh, he is cute! Nice report--I love reading these.

Margie said...

He is going to be trouble! What cute pictures!

mummyof6monsters said...

awww he is so gorgeous! that hair, and that cheeky grin:) adorable!!

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