Tuesday, October 11, 2011

These Shoes


Oh they don’t look like much, these shoes. They have been walked in for many a mile, baby miles that is. I bought this pair of shoes for Kiersten when she was just a sprite. I had the intention when buying them that they could be worn by any future sibling. They have worked their way down from the first child to the second to the third and now they are worn by the littlest member of our family.

It took some convincing that he should try them on because he was used to those soft brown  shoes handed down from Isaiah. Those were so comfy and these are a bit more restrictive.

He did his little ‘German’ walk, as we call it, the first few times I put them on. One foot would go up and knee locked come back down. He would also bend down to touch those new-to-him shoes. He just didn’t seem sure about them. So funny to watch.

I find it is a bit harder these days to not be a little nostalgic about some of the small things. I’ll miss these sweet shoes and all things baby. It has been a blessing to have been able to use so many things four times. What a smile it brings to my face to remember that she used or wore that thing, then he did, then she did and lastly now he does.



Christine said...

Oh, you're making me sad, Jess. I will forever, and I do mean forever, miss all things baby.

We ordered The Hive of Busy Bees and it came yesterday. Last night Daddy read the first chapter and the boys were enchanted with it. This morning Daniel picked it up right away and said he wanted to read it himself during the day. "It's such an interesting book, Mommy. Thank you for getting it for us."

Love your recommendations!

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