Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The deception has begun....

In light of duodenal issues mentioned in the previous post, I decided it was time I took a more serious look at my deceptively delicious cookbook. I had gotten it for Christmas and looked at it then but hadn't been real serious about it. I made a commitment to make 1 meal this week where I incorporated hidden veggies - lasagna. I didn't make the recipe in the book but took the suggestion for the veggies and put them in the lasagna that I normally make. The cauliflower is a little harder to hide taste-wise than the sweet potatoes, but both were masked quite well! Even my husbandry, who knew what was in there, couldn't really taste the difference. :) Yeah.

It was funny too, because I was making the purees earlier today and Kiersten kept asking me what we were having for dinner (she asks early in the day so she has plenty of time to decide she isn't going to have any!). I told her lasagna - one her favorites. She was curious what I was up to though and kept asking me about it. I just told her she need not worry and did everything else behind her back. Ah, the beauty of deception....... well at least the healthy kind! :)


Margie said...

Heehee! Miss J I do the same thing with mine. I add carrots and squash as they are mild flavors and masked in the sauce colorwise. I add this to the sauce I use for spagetti and lasagna. The kids don't even notice.

Becca L. said...

So, what time is dinner? Hopefully she won't know any difference! See you soon!

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