Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting too big too fast...

Kiersten is just about to lose her first tooth! I can hardly believe it. It seems like such a big girl thing for such a little girl to be going through :( Oh well, I suppose the baby makes me nostalgic for the days when the KK girl was just as small. It is true that you remember things as if they happened just yesterday. I can clearly recall the day she was born and vividly see the people and details surrounding that day. Anyhow, it isn't only one tooth, it is both her front bottom teeth that are loose. You can already see the other teeth peeking up behind them! Amazing. I'll definitely be posting her first picture without her teeth. I told her to be sure to tell me when she lost them so that I could call up the tooth fairy to let her know she needed to make a stop that night!


Becca L. said...

Oh, this so reminds me of when Ian lost his first two teeth. They came out within a week of each other and it didn't seem like it took long for the adult teeth to come in. Congrats to Ms. KK on her soon-to-be big milestone!

Margie said...

What a big girl! One of Aidan's bottom teeth is very slightly loose. Nothing that will fall out soon, but it is loose nonetheless. He has me check it daily. Don't you worry, we are right behind you in missing the oldest childs baby days. I can't believe he is a first grader!

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