Sunday, July 13, 2008

I thought we were past this!

I could have sworn I potty trained Kiersten many a year ago now. I guess we are going around again. Now, just to clarify, Kiersten is potty trained. She took to it well when she first learned but struggled with going poop on the toilet. (Sorry for the bathroom talk, but I just had to write about it!) She would constantly say she didn't 'want' to go. Not she didn't 'have' to go. It was a battle of the wills.

Well, last weekend she as having trouble going - partially because she hasn't been drinking her liquids and partially a diet issue. Nevertheless she became quite scared and couldn't go even after trying. She was sweating and shaking a little so I have to pull out the 'ol hinder medicine, as we call it around here (a.k.a. an enema), to help her out. Sure enough problem solved and a much happier and healthier little girl emerged.

As the week progresses we realize she hasn't gone poop all week- and it is the following Saturday. Knowing we have a potential big problem on our hands we give her the talk and then some time to try and go on the toilet. She refuses because she is scared from last weeks experience. Once again I had to pull out the hinder medicine and things are better. Later on that evening we are at the zoo, my Beloveds company picnic, and she says she isn't feeling so well. Then she tells my husbandry she wants to go home and lay down in bed! (Words she tried that very morning to get out of sitting on the toilet and taking care of business.) My beloved quickly catches on to the fact that she needs to go to the bathroom and just doesn't want to. So she and I proceeded to nearest bathroom where we battled it out- and of course I won. Once again a happy little girl emerges feeling much better.

What is it with the bowel movements?! So here were are 3 years later fighting the same battle we did just after Isaiah was born. I hope this is a quickly passing fear and phase!


Becca L. said...

You know, Ian had similar issues when he was younger. Maybe you could try sprinkling some fiber supplement in her spaghetti sauce, etc. Hope these issues resolve for you soon!

Margie said...

I have been giving Aidan prunes lately as he has been struggling as well. I also think it is a liquid issue as well as a refusing veggies. I push as much fruit as the kid will eat, but the prunes seem to be helping. With you on this one my friend.

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