Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Such a sweetie

I’ll admit I do complain from time to time about the Biggest Man. I mean, the child does cry more than any 3 other children I know! It has become his automatic response. His manipulative tool. You ask him to help pick-up, he cries. You ask him to get his socks and shoes on, he cries. His coat on? Tears. You see where this is leading.

The point is that even though the incessant crying/whining really does grate on my nerves (and yes, I am trying to break him of the habit. Any tips? Helpful suggestions?) he is the sweetest little boy I know. He just seems to be a natural encourager or positive person. That seems like such a contradiction, I know.

When he isn’t crying/whining he can be seen galloping about. The child doesn’t walk he gallops. He has this little hop thing he does smiling as he goes. It is absolutely precious, I tell you.

And the comments that come out of his mouth. After Daddy prayed over dinner one evening he quickly said, “That was good prayin’, Dad.”

When he came down so early one morning I hadn’t finished working out (Not a constant thing…why I joined Jazzercise, but I am getting sidetracked) he watched me finish. I had about 10 minutes left on the tape. When I finished he said, “That was good exercising, Mom.”

He is just completely sweet like that.

And as for being gracious…well, aside from not being gracious with his Hotwheels or rather letting Katie even touch them, he has a forgiving spirit. He might still be whimpering from an offense a sibling has rendered (we’ll use no names so as to protect the innocent, or not so innocent as the case may be) and when apologized to he immediately responds, “That’s alright.” It is as good as done. He won’t be bringing things back up again.

He is just so precious in his little boy ways. He is so different from the girls, but in a refreshing boy kind of way. Know what I mean?

I think I am in love. Let me rephrase that, I know I am in love. I mean who can resist that sweet face with those long eyelashes?!


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I love these last two posts. Sorry I haven't made the time to comment!

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