Monday, October 26, 2009

Rain, Rain....

go away come again some other day! Well, it isn't exactly the rain I need to go away. I'll take some rain. But would the clouds please leave for at least 24 hours? I NEED SOME SUN!

I have never thought not seeing sunlight for days affected my mood. Was I ever wrong.

Having been born and raised in one of the sunniest states in the Union, Colorado, (Ok, so it wasn't a state when there was a Union. But that saying just flows so well, don't you think?) I hadn't come to appreciate how incredibly spoiled I was.

Until today.

Sweet mother of mystery was I ever being surly! I was snapping at every little thing and as I was sitting there doing my Bible study (Isn't that nice, doing my study and snapping like a turtle at my children?!!) when I had to ask myself, "What in the world is your problem, girl?!" You know how you just know you are being ornery and then it occurs to you to ask what might be the root of all the trouble. Yep, that is right where I found myself this very afternoon.

No sun. I have hardly seen any sun for a decent length of time in at least the past week, if not a little longer. It is grating on my very nerves…all this gloominess.

So if you would, Lord, see fit to move those clouds away, I would be ever so very grateful. (My children would too!)


Margie said...

I hear you! Last winter B wanted to get me one of those sun lamps in an effort to improve my mood! Saturday was nice at least and we spent some time of it outside for B's football game. I totally understand where you are coming from my friend. I have hopes for some sunshine today.

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