Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a fun night. The two oldest headed out with Dad to canvas the neighborhood and the littlest one stayed with me. It was just a tad bit too windy and chilly to send her out. BUT that doesn't mean she wasn't dressed up!

Kiersten was Thumbelina, the Biggest Man a dragon and the feisty one was a pixie fairy - or something to that effect. You know you have a girl's girl when she must wear a crown (even though it didn't come with the costume) in order to complete the outfit. :)

The picture above is before they went out and then below is after they came home. You can see Isaiah's red cheeks. They were only out for about 40 minutes or so but still came home with more than enough candy. This picture makes me laugh because of Katie's not amused look.

This other picture captures the smile but not the costume. Ahhh, now you see the method to my madness!!! Oh, and it also shows her holding what is now the love of her life - Dora the Explorer. She has fallen hook, line and sinker for Dora.

And lastly, what would Halloween be around here without a little pumpkin decorating? The kids' seem to thoroughly enjoy painting the silly faces and such on their pumpkins...which will have to suite them for more than some time as they are no where near old enough to carve. So any carving of the pumpkins seen was done by my Beloved. We purposefully grabbed some seriously large pumpkins so that he could harvest the seeds from inside and bake them up for a tasty treat.

All in all we had a lovely night. Our church did get us thinking about ways to be more creative to minister to the families that literally come knocking at our door. This year they had bags full of joke cards (You know, like what do you call a pair of spiders who just got married?  Newlywebs.) to give out with the candy. They also had the churches address and phone # on the bottom. There were suggestions of preparing chili, hot chocolate or cider to hand out to the adults as they walked around with their kids. Definitely something we'll be doing next year! Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween too! :)


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