Monday, November 9, 2009


Otherwise known as sure. That is a frequent response we get from Isaiah. Not yes or ok but shore.

                “Isaiah, are you handsome?” – “Shore am.”

                “Do you love to play with your Hotwheels®?” – “Shore do.”

                “Would you like some milk?” – “Shore would.”

 So recently my Beloved was messing with Isaiah, fully aware of the responses he was going to receive. It went something like this:

                “Hey Buddy, how old is Dad?”

                “I don’t know.”

                “Dad is 32.” (So far from the truth, but what does
                the Biggest Man know?)

                “Shore are.”

                “How old is Mom?”

                “I don’t know.”

                “Mom is 40.”

                “Shore is!”

Well, let’s just say Isaiah is a sweetie but if he were 18 his bags would be out on the porch so he could hit the road! 40?! When Dad is only 32?! I suppose I am being too hard on the little guy. It is really his father that is the culprit. My Beloved does like to try to minimize our age difference, 6 ½ years, to his favor. He just can’t win as he is rounding up to 40 and I’ll be rounding to 30 for some time yet. So Isaiah is safe. For now. As for my Beloved? Don’t you worry, he’ll get his! :)


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