Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pray tell...

what is that smell?

When you have small children in your house still in diapers there is many an assortment of smells that come and go in the house. Heck, it isn't only the little ones that you worry about with regard to smell. But I won't go there. However, this morning I claim full responsibility for the smell that still lingers even after lunch.

What was it?

Burnt toast.

I think I am seriously lucky it didn't start on fire. Note to self the left side of the toaster is a bit out of whack. On a setting of 2 1/2 it burnt my toast to a crisp and filled my kitchen with smoke. It is a dual toaster and there must be some kind of relationship like Jack Sprat and his wife. One side of the toaster burns on a 2 1/2 setting and the other pops back up in 30 seconds as if toasted on 2 1/2 setting. Who knows the mind of a toaster? :)

Either way I smelt the burnt smell on myself after we had left the house. I wonder if those other ladies in Jazzercise did too. Or if they just thought, "That girl is literally smokin'!" :) (That might have been true if I hadn't come off like I couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time. I honestly just could not get coordinated.) So it was a morning of mishaps and secret smiles. Ah well, what are Thursday's for if not to make you smile? Have a wonderful day!


Margie said...

Oh Jess, would you believe that I did this same thing yesterday! I don't have a pop up toaster, but a toaster oven. Usually I have it set perfectly, but yesterday someone must have altered my setting and I did not notice. So, I put bread in and went to shuffle laundry. I came back up and the toaster was still toasting with smoke seeping out the edges of the door. Stinky and it lingers. You gave me a nice chuckle this afternoon. THanks!

mummyof5monsters said...

hehe i had a smell this morning too- i think i would have preferred burnt toast to fatboys smell:)

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