Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Fun Game

I found this game at a wonderful educatoional shop. I went over somewhat desperate to find something that would be fun and math oriented. You see Kiersten is at the stage where she is doing flash cards and it is making her dislike math. The problem is the flash cards, or rather the memorization of simple math facts, are a must. There is no way around learning this - she simply has to.

And that is how Sleeping Queens came to be a family game at our house. Even Isaiah plays it, with a little assistance of course. Now, it is math oriented but it doesn't do me much good in the way of helping with the flash card situation. It just helps me make math itself look fun and like it is a good thing to know.

I will say I have seen some improvement in her times test…just knowing the answer instead of counting. That doesn’t mean the game has had anything to do with that. It is just fun to play.

She still dreads flash cards but hopefully she remembers math can be fun and knowing how to do it can help you win. Winning in her book is tops (she gets that competitive nature from her Dad, in case you were wondering.)  : )

If you have any helpful alternatives to flash cards or in addition to them, by all means share the wealth!


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