Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, it has been a while since I have participated but there have been a few goodies I feel the need to share. Unlike past times this one is ALL about me. This is something that was started by MckMama over at You can stop on over there and get a few more laughs as you read what others have also NOT been up to.

So, without further ado this is what I have NOT, I repeat not done recently.

I don’t always but I do try to hang my laundry out on the clothes line in the summer. Why not take advantage of the wind and warm sunshine to dry my clothes for me? As an added bonus there is some straightening out of clothes as they hang. Not the usual crinkles that result from sitting in my hamper for who knows how many days after I pulled them out of the dryer.

Anyhow, last week I put clothes out on the line during the day, of course meaning to take them off later that night or early the next morning. Night and day come and go. Clothes are still on the line.

Night and day come and go another 2 times until I finally DID NOT manage to take them off. I mean honestly, who leaves their clothes hanging on the line not one, not two, but three days?!

You want to know the completely ironic part? THEY WEREN”T DRY! Is that not ridiculous? I still had to throw them in the dryer for a short while. (I don’t suppose their not being dry had anything to do with the fact that it had been an especially dewy few mornings and humidity was up.)

As a side note can I just say I am thankful we live on the end of a dead end street and that that corner of the house is where my line is placed? Can you imagine what my neighbors would have thought or even said to me had they seen my clothes out there for 3 days? The older lady 2 doors down would have been fit to be tied if she only knew! That woman’s clothes are on the line by 8 am at the latest and well off the line before my Beloved returns from work at 4. She would ask, as my husband jokes every now and again, “What does that woman do all day? Honestly!”

In other news I HAVE NOT been justifying my inhaling of my Beloved’s homemade salsa from the fresh tomatoes out of his garden as my daily intake of vegetables. It is completely laughable to think anyone would justify vegetable intake with salsa they are eating with chips, isn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too. Can’t blame me for trying can you? Ah, well it hasn’t deterred my salsa consumption, if you were going to ask. How is one to resist fresh homemade salsa, I ask you? It is seasonal. (You like that justification? I find that one especially hilarious. :)  )

And as a result of said salsa consumption I DID NOT attend a Jazzercise class and then contemplate joining!

Now that we are all shaking our heads and grinning, I think I’ll head off. Have a wonderful week!


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