Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little lisp...

and the intended meaning of something gets a new twist. Isaiah was making me giggle this morning because he was singing the Geography Songs Kiersten has been learning. The last 2 weeks or so we have been doing the Middle East. So the song goes:

The Middle East has Israel, Iran, Iraq
Bahrain, and Yemen, Kuwait,
Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar,
United Arab Emirates

Island of Cyprus,
Jordan and Lebannon
Turkey and Syria too

15 countries of Southwest Asia
Muslims, Christians and Jews

The tune is quite catchy so one can't help but sing along. We even sing it when there is no music. In fact this weekend when Isaiah went shopping with me to Walmart we thought it was a good time to practice. :) So this morning it was no surprise he belted this song out out of nowhere during breakfast. However, as I listened carefully what I heard at the end was..."Christians, Muslims and Juice!"

Ah, that sweet little boy speech impediment/lisp type thing he still has going on. So funny and cute. It makes me smile just thinking about him singing it. Not a bad way to begin the day, if I do say so myself. :)


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