Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So cute and yet...

such an incredible handful! My goodness my Katie girl is keeping me on my toes and somewhat exhausting me. That child is into everything known to man. Don't let that sweet little face lure you in. It is a trick I tell you, a trick!

Oh, don't get me wrong Katie is adorable and can be so sweet. But man oh man, is she ever a little spit fire and a Nosey Nancy. Right now she is causing me a multitude of headaches on the Nosey Nancy end of things. We have started school and she is so distracting. Like her sister she is a natural climber. I have alluded to this in the past.

Well, she can climb onto the dining room chairs and get to the main table now where she is frequently found trying to get her knee up and over or literally crawling across it so she can get into her 'highchair' (chair that attaches and hangs from table-no legs). You can see where this is leading when I tell you that is where Kiersten and I do 90% of school time.

Katie is up there trying to grab Kiersten's book, rip the paper of one thing or another and just generally causing a lot of mayhem and madness where none is welcome. I tell you it is hard enough to get Kiersten to focus while the others get to play that Katie is adding a whole other dimension I am just not appreciating.

Today in an effort to restrain little Miss Nosey Pants I had to put a gate up between the kitchen and dining room and bring up the fold out table. That way Kiersten could work in the kitchen without sister sally climbing all over and onto her and her school work. Good grief!

See that little grin? The minx one, as we call it. It just screams I am a handful and up to no good. Now if only all her antics end up in my losing some weight....


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