Sunday, August 30, 2009

Misbehaving in Church

I bet you all thought this post was going to be about one of the children. Ah, but it is...well, kind of. My biggest child, a.k.a. my Beloved, was rather naughty in church this morning. He sent me into a fit of giggles from which it took me several minutes to recover. It certainly didn't help that I was a bit tired...made it worse in fact.

So what did he do that was so naughty? you ask. I have to give a little preface. If any of you have ever seen one episode of Max & Ruby you'll know the expression to which I am referring. You see Ruby is the older sister, the older BOSSY sister. There are several instances in which she either makes a suggestion to change Max's original idea or in which she simply says, "No, Max." When she says these things to him or does something he simply doesn't care for Max's otherwise perky ears flatten down the back of his head and he gets 'side eyes'. The face just screams, "I am so not amused by you right now."

My beloved must have been doing something this morning in service that required the 'side eyes' from me. After receiving said 'side eyes' in his little kiddy artist skills he drew me a picture of a bunny with flattened ears and side eyes on his bulletin. The art work and implied meaning just sent me over the edge! I cannot tell you how long it took me to gain full control over myself...but it was several minutes. I even had to take my arm away from behind him as his shoulders started shaking which sent me into another set of giggles!

It was terribly naughty and I only wished his mother lived closer so that she could have set him straight once we arrived home. He is a bit old to be taken over the knee...but I was tempted! :)


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