Wednesday, August 12, 2009

State Fair

Well, no summer in our family would be complete without a trip to State Fair. This has become somewhat of a family tradition (as my Beloved told the reporter when he interviewed him at the Fair). We go mainly to see the always around the 1st weekend the Fair opens.

In the Discovery Barn where all the new born animals are we saw...

There were also these newborn cows, twins if you can imagine! Their names...Favre & Vick (little shady on that second name.)

We don't do the Midway, never have. But since we don't do that we do let the kids pick one thing they can 'ride'. Kiersten's ride of choice...

the pony ride.
Isaiah boy prefers what we call the Big Yellow Slide. Although you can clearly see it is yellow and green. I don't know if that has always been so or if at one time it was solid yellow. Hmmm, I'll have to ask my Beloved that one.

Anyhow, this is not a slide for the faint of heart as you catch air on the way down. It is a little scary...the speed...losing contact with the slide for a few moments....but it is also a blast. Just ask my two men. :)

The kids did really well considering it was fairly warm. That freshly squeezed lemonade is what pulled us through! Well, that and Dippin' Dots ice cream. :)

That Katie girl didn't get to ride on any rides but she did see a fair amount of animals. So many in fact that she became overwhelmed to the point of sleep!

What a trooper!

I have more State Fair pictures, but they mostly have to do with the biggest man so I'll save those for a post tomorrow. Have a blessed day. :)


Margie said...

One of these years we are going to make it down there. Something is always in the way. Glad you had fun. That picture of Isaiah on the slide is priceless!

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