Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flown the Coop

Last week I mentioned a guest who was temporarily visiting the house. Today that guest has literally flown the coop!

That's right our caterpillar hatched from his chrysalis this morning. I have to say he was a cheeky little bugger....doing everything in secret. He formed his chrysalis in private and then had the gall to hatch when no one was looking! We feed him, provide him a nice warm home...and this is how he repays us? Honestly.

What is funny is Kiersten had asked me just this morning how much longer I thought it might take before he hatched. My beloved had mentioned some butterflies can take up to 2 weeks so I told her it could be another couple of days. An hour or so later I get a call from a dear friend and as we are chatting I looked at the cage and something didn't look quite right. He had hatched!

I know, I know cut to the chase and tell you...did we have a moth or a butterfly?! We had a butterfly. :)

Well to be honest I thought we had a moth on our hands as he wasn't all that spectacular to look at. See what I mean?

He's all plain and brown lookin'. When I first saw him his wings had to have been still a little wet because he appeared much more black than brown. (And yes, I really took these pictures of our Hermie as we let him go in the backyard. He decided to show me the love I was complaining about a few paragraphs before of not receiving and pose for pictures. :) What a guy, huh?)

However, what I hadn't fully seen inside Hermie willing showed me outside...that is the inside of his wings.

Behold, Hermie the beautiful butterfly! He is what is called a Gray Comma Butterfly. I simply love the shape of his wings and the color only shows off how beautiful he really is.

I have to say I am always in awe of how the Lord created things just so. This butterfly has two different colors to his wings. The outside brown plain coloring is a means of protecting the butterfly from predators, such as birds. When Hermie lands on a piece of wood he easily blends in and is lost to the eye.

However when he opens his wings he shows what a magnificent Creator God is while displaying his beauty. Awesome.

Well, as house guests go Hermie was well behaved, if a little rude (You know, everything done in secret). He was quiet, not very demanding, kept to himself, not very messy (although he did eat himself out of house and home!) and just generally a model guest. That being said I let the kids know we can do this again anytime because I thought it was beyond fun.

I'll take another uninvited house guest anytime-that is the furry crawling kind!


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