Friday, August 14, 2009

My Boy

My boy. My boy loves cars. Always has and will for some time yet. And not just any cars... Hot wheels cars. So when we went to State Fair and wandered into the Machine Shed and found this...

he was in heaven! Oh, how excited he was. This set up had to be 10 tables long at least. Jam packed and lined with cars, trucks, semis, you name it it was on that table.

He toured the table once with Dad and then I took him around. After we rounded one end to go up the other I had to make it clear to him this was the last time. He could have spent hours in that area and been so happy and content.

They also had another section in the Machine Shed of larger scale farm equipment, trucks and such. He also thought that was neat. What can I say? The boys loves cars. :) Just looking at all this different types of machines and cars is alright... but what say we take one of those babies for a spin?

And that is just what he did! :)

State Fair was more than just the Big Yellow Slide to Isaiah this year. It was cars. That puts State Fair on a higher level in his estimation...I can't even begin to tell you. He was in little boy heaven and it was fun to see and let him enjoy.

My boy.

(P.S. Did I mention my car loving boy can cry more than any 10 kids I know? No? No mention of that, huh? Well, we'll say that for another day! :) For now just enjoy that sweet smile and those chocolate brown eyes with the longest eyelashes ever.)


Margie said...

Just love that handsome Mr. Isaiah smile!

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